DWTS Season 14 – Pro Watch!!

Whooo Hoooo!!! It’s nearly that time of year again, folks!!  DWTS Season 14!!  Me ‘cited. 🙂

Okay, this is REALLY early and most pros don’t actually know if they’re dancing yet, and they won’t for about a week and a half. With the cast announcement coming on the 28th, I would expect the pros start getting confirmation the week before that – and many have big mouths, lucky for us.  Both Cheryl and Derek have indicated, today (coincidence?), that they are planning on dancing.  Derek just now on Twitter and Cheryl earlier this morning. Normally, I wouldn’t report on these plans, because planning doesn’t make it actually happen – but in the case of Derek and Cheryl, I’m putting it out there because those two are most likely to be signed early. Plus, Derek, in the past, has only mentioned DWTS and dancing when it’s been a done deal. So, him saying “Who do you want me to dance with?”” is about as close to a confirmation without a confirmation you can get. 🙂 Especially from the absurdly tight lipped Derek. 😉

PLEASE don’t tell me that Louis said he wants to be back (same for Dmitry and the rest) because I think that’s blatantly obvious – and Louis and several others aren’t guaranteed a partner. Most of the rest of the pros WANT to be on the show, I just need something more concrete….along the lines of “Yay, I got a partner.”  Heh.

ETA 6: @DWTSGossip has had more to say regarding the men – that there will only be five and apparently he/she is retracting Val and saying “a Chmerkovskiy”. Good news for Tristan fans…sucks to be a fan of Louis or Dmitry (or Val OR Maks). MY ASSUMPTIONS ARE IN BLUE, @DWTSGOSSIP IS IN RED.  Please take special note of the word “assumption” – please look it up if you have to, I don’t want to have arguments about it tomorrow. 🙂


Derek Hough – IN
Maksim Chmerkovskiy – unknown
Mark Ballas – In per @DWTSGossip
Louis Van Amstel – OUT
Tony Dovolani – In per @DWTSGossip
Dmitry Chaplin – OUT per @DWTSGossip
Corky Ballas – OUT
Val Chmerkovski – Unknown
Tristan McMannus – In per @DWTSGossip

Cheryl Burke – In
Kym Johnson – In per @DWTSGossip
Chelsie Hightower – In per @DWTSGossip
Lacey Schwimmer –OUT
Karina Smirnoff – In per @DWTSGossip
Anna Trebunskaya –In per @DWTSGossip
Peta Murgatroyd – In per @DWTSGossip


ETA 1: Derek tweeted while I was sleeping the following:

Who were people tweeting to him? Cheryl Cole (NO!), Kelly Ripa, Ashley Tisdale…and Betty White (hilarious). Even more interesting, he and Cheryl were at the same Cold Play concert last night with Ryan, Julianne…and Ashley Tisdale. LOL. Sometimes I could smack the crap outta that boy. 😀 Mark said Betty White would be great – I bet he’s hoping Derek gets Betty White. LOL. Obvious much? 😉 ANYWAY, this tweet says to me that he knows who his partner is…although he could just be a huge TEASE.  But, that’s not his usual style.

ETA 2:  This is from the Las Vegas blog “Vegas Deluxe” by Robin Leach. I post it here because it talks about the supposed pro schedule with this Vegas show AND is mentions that rehearsals start on March 3. That’s a bit later than usual and definitely later than what some have been claiming.

Season 14 of ABC’s “DWTS” begins Feb. 28 when the celebrity cast is announced on “Good Morning America.” Then rehearsals start March 3 for the pro dancers and their partners, with the premiere March 19. The dance pros — as we previously reported — will rotate and revolve on their quick commutes between Los Angeles and Las Vegas as the TV season with its eliminated contestants progresses.

ETA 3: Cheryl says in a post from Vogue today that “None of us have gotten the ‘official’ call yet” and that some of them “might” start rehearsing next week. That sounds to me like she knows nothing and is just GUESSING. Listen for the key words people!! She has no idea when they’re starting rehearsals. That said, I would bet cash money that she and Derek (and possibly Maks and Mark) have gotten “unofficial” hints that they have partners – nothing guaranteed. She would be less likely to use the word “official” if she hadn’t been told something off the record. 🙂 That’s my read on it anyway. Anyway, good job on the producers for finally having figured out how to keep everything secret…knock wood, since there is still more than a week till the big announcement.

ETA 4: Derek on Live with Kelly – that’s about as close as a confirmation we’ll get from him. 🙂

ETA 5: The following update is according to @DWTSGossip; I don’t know his/her source, so I can’t vouch for it, but here you go. They’ve been reasonably accurate in the past. 🙂  Per this update, I tentatively consider Lacey as out for the season. But time will tell. If they go to 7 women…ugh. More than 12 celebs is TOO MANY.