The Top 5 Best First Week Foxtrots in DWTS History

This is a little later than I originally intended, but alas, life throws us curve balls from time to time 🙂 As promised, here are my top 5 first week foxtrots in DWTS history…maybe something we’ll see tomorrow night will bump one of these from the list! Or maybe it will make the worst list instead…8O But how ’bout some more foxtrot stats first?

*There is a 5-way tie for the pro that has done the most week 1 foxtrots: Maks, Tony, Jonathan, Edyta, & Mark have all done the foxtrot in the first week 3 times.

*The highest first-week foxtrot score ever given was 27 – it was given to Kristi & Mark in season 6.

*The average score for a week 1 foxtrot is 19.14. The score given most often in week 1? 18.

5.) Helio & Julianne, season 5

I just loved how cute these two were together – it also didn’t hurt that Helio had a good deal of natural talent 🙂 And in what you’ll see to be a recurring theme in this countdown, it was a very traditional foxtrot, which was comprised mainly of foxtrot steps with a little bit of jazzy open work thrown in.  There’s something to be said for staying in the box from time to time, kids!

4.) Laila & Maks, season 4

Another very natural mover – Laila just made everything look so EASY.  I think a lot of her appeal in her season was that sense of ease, and it really came in hand in a dance like the foxtrot, where everything is supposed to have a gliding, walk-in-the-park kind of feel.  Just the little bit of sass thrown in just made it perfect for week 1.

3.) Donny & Kym, season 9

Perhaps a bit less of a technician and a bit more of a showman, I don’t think they could have picked a more perfect week 1 dance for Donny – it really gave him a chance to show off those jazz hands that made him so famous 🙂 The parts in-hold were pretty good, but it was the Broadway-style open work that really made this one a stand0ut.

2.) Kristi & Mark, season 6

The best first week foxtrot the show has ever seen, score-wise – the technique is spot-on.  Where it lacked a bit for me was the showmanship – Kristi’s smile felt a bit glued-on and robotic.  But man, she was fantastic from week 1 – the posture, the extension, the arm work…wow.

1.) Ralph & Karina, season 12

I think part of the great appeal of this one for me was the fact that it was so unexpected – little Daniel-san came out of nowhere, all grown up and a pretty damn good dancer 🙂 Another great, traditional foxtrot, with just enough jazzy open work thrown in to make it a showstopper.  Ralph and Karina both looked like they were having the time of their lives!

So what week 1 foxtrots stand out in your minds? And do you think we’ll be seeing an showstoppers tonight? 😉