DWTS Martina Navtratilova On Conquering Her Fears, Tony Dovolani, Dancing, and More!

Martina tells The LA Times why she decided to compete on Dancing With The Stars. She says she’s been facing her fears ever since she was 14 and her parents put her in a ballroom dancing class. She was once scared of flying, so she got her pilot’s license. She’s scared of dancing, so, why not conquer that fear by dancing on the largest dance floor in the world. Amazing. I love her. 🙂 Be sure to read the link for the full interview. Below is her thoughts on how her tennis training is helping her and more….

Q: Did any of your tennis training help prepare you for this competition?
Absolutely. It definitely helps that my body is already in gear and ready to go. I’ve got the endurance part down and the discipline to practice. Now I’ve just got to get control of my head and keep it still and the rest of the body is getting there.

Q: Is there any style of dance you are particularly looking forward to?
Honestly, I don’t know that much about ballroom dancing other than what I’ve seen on the previous seasons, so it’s all new to me! I guess the more upbeat dances may be more up my alley since I know I’ve got the endurance for them, and plus it’s more along the lines of music I like to listen to in my everyday life.

Q: The mirrorball trophy looks like a lot of tennis trophies I’ve seen. Will it find a prominent place in your collection if you win?
For sure! I’ve got my eye on the prize and I’d like nothing more than to add it to my mantle. I might have to clear a big space in my living room, remove all the furniture, put the trophy on a pedestal in the middle of it and just dance around it.