PureDWTS Season 14 Week 4 Media After The Dance Part 1 (Videos)

We’ve got lots of new interviews to weed through this morning after this week’s dance. Let’s get right to it with George Pennacchio of On The Red Carpet. George asks the dance couples on their injuries and the new “Dance Off” which starts next week where they have to learn two dances. Note how their is a technical issue with the interview with Kym and Jaleel. Hopefully, they will fix that later. Also, there isn’t an interview with Maks and Melissa since they had to rush her to the hospital after their dance which you can read about in a previous posting here.

First up, Donald and Peta!! George comments that Donald is a “new kind of sex symbol”. They are excited about their performance and to be at the top of the leaderboard. They talk of the ‘dance off’ and how it will come down to “technique” versus the ‘performance’ factor for who would make it in the bottom two. Aren’t their costumes awesome? I love that color!

George asks Maria about her injuries. Derek brings up Melissa and how injuries happen. Maria has a whole new respect for dancers for what they go through physically. They are so excited about their scores. They agree with the “dance off” hoping it will support the better dancers and good dancers don’t get voted off.

Roshon is “burning up” about being called the best male dancer. He’s nervous about the dance off, but, hopes he never is in the bottom two. So far, so good he hasn’t suffered from any injuries. He didn’t know much about Melissa’s injury, but, says she’s awesome and a hard worker.

Cheryl talks of how William stepped on her foot and her shoe wasn’t on right for the rest of the dance just like what happened to Kirstie Alley. William says they are working hard and he wants to continue to be positive. Cheryl isn’t wild about the ‘dance off’ since now they have to learn two dances for next week. William looks at her like she’s nuts. lol

George questions Katherine about her costume and how it was so different for her. Mark talks of how hard they worked at getting Katherine to be “aggressive”. They are having a lot of fun and loved their set for the dance. They talk of their injuries currently which aren’t too bad. They don’t have any issues with the “dance off”.

George says Sherri and Val look “glum”, but, they insist that he’s wrong. She is “loving life here”. They aren’t happy about the “dance off” for how hard it will be to learn two dances. Other than Sherri’s knee, she’s not suffering from any injuries.

Gladys is happy with their dance and was glad to shake her tail feather. She praises Tristan for all the time and effort he has put in. They are having fun regardless of their scores. As for the ‘dance off’, “it is what it is”. The voters will still have the power. They just have to vote MORE!

Gavin is pleased with his progress. He and Karina are excited about being #5. Karina thinks he has improved and he’s a work in progress. The “dance off” is going to be ‘scary’ since they have to travel this week, but, they will practice at the airport and in limos if they have to and if they make it.

Stay tuned! We’ve got more media coming up soon. 😉