DWTS14 Week 4 Interviews After The Elimination, Next Week’s Latin Dances Revealed (Videos)

George Pennacchio of On The Red Carpet interviewed some of the couples last night after the elimination. He gets their thoughts on Sherri and Val. He also asks them on their comfort zones and next week’s “latin” dance. Let’s see what he found out….

First, Peta and Donald tell George it’s just “crazy” and “awful” for how Sherri was eliminated. Peta is sad and tears it up. It could be anyone to leave including them. It’s Latin week next week and they have the Argentine Tango. They are going to work hard. Donald is ready for the challenge in getting out of his comfort zone as always.

Maks explains what happened Monday night when Melissa got hurt. At this time, he doesn’t know how he is going to approach their upcoming dance and future. He questions everything and doesn’t want to hurt her. He also talks of Val and Sherri’s elimination and feels sorry for them. He says Val feels like it’s his fault and feels bad for them.

Roshon says he had no idea he’d be at this level on Dancing With The Stars. He’s learning so much and hopes to keep doing so. They talk of how hard it was to see Sherri go. Next week’s dance for these two will be the Salsa. Chelsie wants to refine his salsa technique. It will be sexy. They are going for 10’s next week as they never want to be in the bottom two again.

Katherine is glad she was able to get out of her comfort zone this week and it was one of the best experiences ever. The Argentine Tango is their next dance. Katherine is the most excited about learning this dance. Mark says he hopes to tell a very passionate story and keep it straight edge. They have nothing but kind words for Val and Sherri.

Gavin is glad he is getting out of his comfort zone on Dancing With The Stars. They are already planning their costumes for next week. Karina says Gavin will be “colorful” and will “show some skin”. He hopes Karina won’t turn him into a tropical bird. LOL

Kym and Jaleel are shocked about Sherri’s elimination. He talks of how he practices at home where no one can see him. They have the Samba next week. Kym plans to take advantage of how Jaleel can shake his booty. Oiy.

Below are some Access Hollywood interviews with Maks and Jaleel and Kym where they express more of the same. Check back later at this link for an interview with Mark and Katherine as well.

E Online has a nice piece up as well today. Below is a take with Derek and Maria’s thoughts on last night’s elimination. According to an interview on Monday night, note that these two have the Salsa next week.

Elimination is never fun, especially when it’s unexpected. Although there can be only one winner, Derek Hough told us it is not easy to say goodbye after putting hours of hard work, dedication and leg work into such a demanding show and growing tight with fellow dancers.

“It was very sad it see Sherri go,” Derek told us. “When you rehearse seven, eight hours every single day for weeks and weeks and weeks, you really get attached to it and it’s a special experience that no one can really understand unless you’re in it, and it’s really very sad.”

Derek’s partner, Maria Menounos, said nerves were running higher than usual after host Tom Bergeron tweeted that the elimination would be a huge jaw-dropper.

“We were all nervous,” Maria said. “I kept trying to tell everyone to be positive and not think about it and just enjoy the night, but in the back of all of our minds we were all thinking, ‘What if it’s me?’ Sherri and I have gotten very close over this experience and she was the spirit of this competition. I was devastated, to be honest.”

“Sherri was doing so well and I’m just shocked! I did not see that coming,” Katherine Jenkins added. “I can’t believe she’s gone.”

According to Cheryl’s blog at OK! Magazine, she and William have the Argentine Tango…

It is Latin week so it will be hopefully his week. And if we make it through, we will have the Argentinean Tango which is really sexy and should be good for him.

Lastly, Entertainment Tonight also interviewed the couples about Sherri’s elimination. Kyle Massey and Lacey Schwimmer had some nice things to say on her as well.

Ok, that’s all for now beautiful Dancettes!!! The “Argentine Tango”! My favorite dance. I can’t wait for next week! 🙂 xxx

ADDING: Below is a video with Donald and his family after the elimination. So cute…