Dancing With The Stars Rounding Up The Best And The Brightest For New All-Star Season

US Weekly (not always the best source for information) is reporting producers of Dancing With The Stars is rounding up “only the best and the brightest” for the upcoming All-Star edition planned for the Fall. Names being thrown around at the link are listed below.

Dancing With the Stars producers are rounding up only the best and the brightest for their first-ever all-star edition.

On their list? Melissa Rycroft, Gilles Marini, Bristol Palin, Kyle Massey, Chelsea Kane, Lance Bass, Kelly Osbourne and Mario Lopez–all of whom vied for the Mirror Ball on the ABC hit.

“This past season was kind of dull,” an insider says of the series, which premiered to all-time-low ratings in March. “They realized they need to get people excited again.”

I’d be open to all of them, but, Bristol Palin. That is one scary thought I’d rather not even think about. 😕 I really doubt she’d say yes anyway. You can read the full article at US Weekly.

Heidi: Well, that list above doesn’t conflict totally with the Tom’s comments about “past champions, fan favorites and controversial characters” – but still. I dunno.  But where I really take issue is the complete and utter stupidity of the last quoted sentence which includes commentary about the ratings.  It’s so moronic that I shouldn’t be surprised – US magazine is pretty far down on the list of journalistic paragons. Well, it’s not on the list at all. And they are quoting some “insider” who should know that those “all time low” ratings still had DWTS in the TOP 5 on television….and in the top 15 in the key demo.  Excuse me, but how much better are you hoping to do than being the 3rd or 4th highest rated show on television???  Looking at week 9, DWTS was only getting beat by AI and NCIS in total viewers, and the performance show was number 15 in the key demo – for a series that is 14 seasons in and has NEVER performed in the demo, what the hell more do you expect?  THIS is why we get crazy shit on the show – they are buying into this narrative that the need to generate excitement. Perhaps they need to go BACK to their original formula and not try to over pimp and hype family members (read: Disney and Univision).