Review Of The Dancing With The Stars Tour And Photos

If you head to the Las Vegas Sun, you can read a review of the new Dancing With The Stars Live Tour. You can also view a new gallery of photos. Below is a take from the link…

In the touring show, there was a routine to hip-hop music and one to country, where the outfits were eye-catching: jeans and cowboys hats for the shirtless men; Daisy Duke shorts and bikini tops for the ladies.

The precision of the dance movement was most impressive. When watching at home Monday nights, you don’t see the step-by-step movement of the dancers, nor do you truly appreciate their greatness and the amount of physical and mental preparation.

That dancing savvy is noticeable with each routine during the touring show, with performers such as Witney Carson and Murgatroyd so elegant with each step and sincere in giving fans a great evening of entertainment.

The show is more than dancing. Rycroft, the Dallas native and Season 15 champion, is witty and personable as the host. The dancers also interact with the fans — everything from Emma Slater taking a photo with the crowd and posting on her Twitter (@EmmaSlaterDance) to the men of the show walking down into the audience to distribute roses.

“We’ve been more excited about this stop than any other,” Rycroft said.

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