DWTS Season 21 Rumors, Alfonso Ribeiro In Casting Inner Circle, Ricky Schroder Asked To Dance

According to E Online, Alfonso Ribeiro is part of the inner circle when it comes to Dancing With The Stars casting decisions (WHA?). He was asked if Caitlyn Jenner and Kaitlyn Bristowe would do Dancing With The Stars. Alfonso also mentions how Ricky Schroder was asked to dance. More below.

When E! News’ Kristin Dos Santos chatted with former champ Alfonso Ribeiro, who is taking over for Tom Bergeron as the new host of America’s Funniest Home Videos, he revealed that he’s in the inner circle when it comes to DWTS casting decisions. So we had to know if season 21 will feature a battle of the ‘Lyns: The Bachelorette’s Kaitlyn Bristowe vs. I Am Cait’s Caitlyn Jenner?

While Kaitlyn told E! News she thinks it would be “fun” to do and two of Caitlyn’s family members, Kim Kardashian and Rob Kardashian, have competed in previous seasons, Ribeiro shot down the idea.

“I don’t think that’s going to happen,” he told us, adding that he’s “heard” that Caitlyn is “not going to do it.”

But Ribeiro wasn’t done spilling juicy DWTS casting deets, as he said that one of the show’s producers Deena Katz has “called and asked me about a few people.”

Wait, like who?!

“The one that she wanted I couldn’t get,” he spilled. “She wanted Ricky Shroder and Ricky Schroder was like, ‘Eh, I don’t dance!'”

More at E Online. Wow, I’d love to see Ricky dance!!

ETA: Glamour also talked with Deena Katz and Rob Wade at a Disney TCA party. They didn’t confirm much except for the Switch up dance and the cast announcement is on September 2nd.

Glamour: We’re at the ABC/Disney TCA party right now. Is there anybody in this room who is going to be on the new season of Dancing With the Stars?
Deena Katz: I want to go up to Chace Crawford and tell him, “Surprise! You’re on!”
Glamour: But is there someone in this room that’s already been cast?
Rob Wade: I haven’t seen everybody in the room yet, but there’s a good chance there might be. There’s people I definitely would want [that’s here] to be on the show!

Glamour: How close are you to having everyone cast for season 21?
Deena: We’re just about done. We’re close.
Rob: We’re about 4/5 of the way there. We like to be around [this number] since we’re a very current show. The premiere of the show is still over a month and a half away, which is a long time. So you want to see [who’s current in the news].

And here is more on Ricky…

Glamour: Alfonso Ribeiro told me earlier tonight that he called Ricky Schroder personally to try and recruit him next season, but Ricky doesn’t seem to want to do it. Can you confirm that?
Rob: I don’t know, I can’t confirm or deny!
But you’re smiling!
Rob: [Laughs] What I can say is that I would love Ricky Schroder on the show.
Deena: I’ve asked him over and over again, so…just because Ricky says no, it doesn’t mean no forever.
Rob: Maybe one day. If Ricky is listening now, or reading now…
Deena: Ricky, it could be the time of your life!
Rob: It doesn’t matter if you can’t dance or don’t think you can dance. The show is not about that. It’s about learning to dance and overcoming your fears.

More at Glamour.