DWTS Season 21 Watch Out: Piers Morgan Asked To Dance On Dancing With The Stars And Strictly Come Dancing

TV 3 is reporting that Piers Morgan was asked to dance on both the US and UK version of Dancing With The Stars. Too bad he’s not too keen on the idea. He can be kind of jerk sometimes, but, I really miss his CNN show. I use to love his celebrity interviews.

Piers Morgan claims he was offered thousands of pounds to appear on both ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ and ‘Dancing with the Stars’ but is too embarrassed to dance on TV.

The British journalist claims he was offered the huge sum to strut his stuff on the popular US dance show and received similar offers from the UK equivalent, ‘Strictly Come Dancing’, but would never consider the fees because he would be embarrassed by his moves.

He said: ”This year I have been offered a lot of money to do ‘Strictly’ – I think it was six figures, and ‘Dancing with the Stars’ in America, which was a lot of money, about $300,000 (almost £200,000).

”But there is not enough money in Fort Knox to get me to dance in public. However, a bottle of Jack Daniel’s is a different matter.

”I had my 50th recently and Amanda Holden and me were doing the old bongo dance until 3am, which was very impressive.

”In that situation I’ll dance, but not on national TV.”

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