DWTS Season 21, Week 9 – Who’s Dancing What…and When?

Here’s what we know so far for Dancing With The Stars Week 9. Next week the couples have an individual dance as always. They also have a “Duet” dance with another couple. When talking on the Duet Dance, Sharna mentions in a new E Online interview (new interviews here) that they are travelling to Las Vegas (not sure if she means all the couples or not?). She and Nick are paired with Val and Tamar for their Duet Dance.

ETA: Vogue here again. Mark and Alexa have a Contemporary dance and a Charleston next week. Not sure which is used for their individual or their Duet Dance? They are also bringing in Travis Garland to sing a beautiful song. Alexa hints that it might be a little “damp” next week.

ETA2: According to Glamour, Nick, Sharna, Val, and Tamar are going to Vegas to get inspired for their Duet dance. Also, Mark & Alexa and Bindi & Derek are Duet Partners. They are headed to New York City to get inspired for their dance. More details at Glamour.

ETA3: According to our intel, one of the Duets is going on a Cruise Ship. Glamour revealed this news as well.

ETA4: So, Derek and Mark have been switched from NYC to the Cruise. Alek and Carlos are in NYC. That leaves Tamar and Nick in Vegas. The clusterf*ck continues, as last we heard, Derek and Mark were to do a Charleston inspired by an NYC show. No idea if the dance style changed with the locale. ~Heidi

ETA5: Per Carlos’ Instagram, he, Alek, Witney, and Lindsay are on a cruise, which left from NYC. Seems like there was NOT a switch, after all.  -Court-

ETA6: Vogue here posting for Courtney since she’s stuck in traffic (be safe, Court.xx). Courtney did some digging and found the Cruise ship that Lindsay, Alek, Carlos, and Witney are on. You can see it at USA Today in all of it’s glory as it arrived to New York City today. Interesting too is that the show on the boat is called “We Will Rock You“. You can read the song list at this link for what they might have. Cool, huh? GOOD JOB, Court!

ETA7: Vogue again. Being Sharna, Nick, Val, and Tamar went to Las Vegas to see Cirque Du Solei Beatles “Love”(see Glamour link in ETA2 above), they most likely have a Beatles song. Here is a list of the soundtrack.

ETA8: Give it up to Courtney. She nailed it last night. Carlos confimed at his instagram that they are dancing to a song from “We Will Rock You”. Also, Mark and Alexa are on their way to meet Derek and Bindi in New York. More here.

ETA8: Per a stuffed mouse on Instagram, one of Carlos & Witney’s dances is the Argentine tango.  NOW BEFORE EVERYONE RUNS OFF MAKING ASSUMPTIONS – we have no way of telling if this is their individual dance or duet dance. So let’s try to avoid stating that as fact… -Court-

ETA9: Check out this tweet at Pure Derek Hough! I think it’s safe to say Derek, Bindi, Alexa, and Mark are dancing something to “Chicago”. Heidi was the first to guess this on Tuesday. Well done, Miss Heidi!~ Vogue

ETA10: Julia in comments mentioned how Derek, Bindi, Alexa, and Mark could be doing a Charlestion to “Hot Honey Rag” from the show “Chicago” since it fits a Charleston. To confuse things further, we got an “All That Jazz” teaser today from the DancingABC instagram. Well, check out this “Chicago” performance. It starts out with “All That Jazz” and then goes into “Hot Honey Rag”. Hmmmm. So, could this be the song(s) they are dancing to? ~ Vogue

ETA11: Alek and Lindsay have an Argentine Tango and their Duet team has a Paso Doble to “We Will Rock You”. Correction: Shorty The Mouse says they have a Salsa for their individual dance.

ETA12: Just Jared Jr. has just released the songs for Dancing With The Stars Week 9. You can read on them all below. ~ Vogue

ETA13: According to Derek’s blog, they are now dancing Jazz for their duet. Still an unlearned style, but fewer rules than Charleston. And since they are using the “All That Jazz/Hot Honey Rag” combo, it makes a hell of a lot more sense. Gee wiz, are we edging toward a tiny bit of fairness in this thing?? You all should read Derek’s blog – he tells it like it is, including very gently calling out his sister and the other judges. 🙂

Sharna & Nick are paired with Val & Tamar – Dancing a Rumba inspired from Cirque Du Solei Beatles “Love” (song: “Hey Jude”)
Mark & Alexa and Bindi & Derek – Dancing a JAZZ inspired from “Chicago” (Song Mix: “All That Jazz/Hot Honey Rag”)
Alek & Lindsay and Carlos & Witney – Dancing a Paso Doble inspired from “We Will Rock You” (Song: “We Will Rock You”)

Individual Dances:
Nick and Sharna – ?? (‘A Cool Cat In Town’ by Tape Five)

Alexa and Mark – Contemporary (per Mark Interview) (‘Make it Rain’ by Ed Sheeran)

Bindi and Derek – V. Waltz (Guess from periscope) (‘Roses and Violets’ by Alexander Jean)

Alek and Lindsay – Salsa (‘Back It Up’ by Prince Royce f. Jennifer Lopez + Pitbull)

Tamar and Val – ?? (‘Wicked Game’ by James Vincent McMorrow)

Carlos and Witney – Argentine Tango (‘What Do You Mean’ by Justin Bieber)