PureDWTS Season 23 Cast Rumors & Watchout – Did Gabby Douglas Just Reveal That Laurie Hernandez is Dancing This Season???

Forgive me, friends, because I’m kinda flying by the seat of my pants at the moment – was about to settle down and head to bed when someone tweeted to tell me that U.S. women’s gymnastics team member Laurie Hernandez allegedly let it slip on Facebook Live that she is doing DWTS this season.  Bear with me, currently trying to find this interview…would certainly welcome any help, if anyone’s lurking! 🙂

But if this is true…what do you guys think? Laurie was my second choice after Simone Biles, so I’m totally cool with this! The fact that Mark was tweeting the other day about Laurie does kinda make one wonder if she’s his partner though, doesn’t it? 😉

ETA: Got it! Thanks @DancingABCStats.  The”smoking gun” in question starts around the 8:20 mark, when the girls answer a question from Twitter about which one of them is gonna “dance with the stars”.  They all mutter “it’s a secret”, but Gabby gestures at Laurie and Laurie shoots her a look and shakes her head, like “dude, not now!” I think if none of them were dancing this season, they probably would have said “nobody!”, so I do tend to think at least one of them is…and I think Gabby may have let the cat outta the bag.  I hope the poor girl doesn’t get more social media hate for it.

Final Five on NBC Olympics’ Facebook from Rachel B on Vimeo.

Also worth mentioning? Mark was tweeting the other day about how much he loves Laurie and asks if she “needs a dance teacher”.  She also is pretty good friends with the Ribeiros, which makes me wonder if they maybe had a hand in convincing her to do it:


I think the only thing that bugs me about Mark possibly being her partner is that she would be his THIRD Olympic gymnast. THIRD. Sorry, but I need a little more variety than that – I would ideally like to see her with Sasha, but part of me worries that they may give her to Val…I have to wonder if they already sorted out the contractual stuff before she even left for Rio, which might explain why Val claimed to have already talked to his partner on the phone.  On one hand, this would be a true test for him: can his choreo and teaching skills hold up when he’s got so much talent to work with? On the other hand, I don’t want to see her talent wasted on craptastic choreography and gimmicks. Thoughts? Anyone?

ETA2: Good job, Court. Also, if you go to this link, note how Laurie is not taking part in the Kelloggs Tour. ~Vogue