Tom Felton of “Harry Potter” Fame Talks Dancing with the Stars

Draco Malfoy and Neville Longbottom go dancing?? I would be SO THERE FOR THAT. 🙂  If the producers are trying to go bigger, these two might be the way to go…not as big as Harry, Ron or Hermione, but dang it would be an improvement. Tom Felton (Draco) and Matthew Lewis (Neville) are both quite successful post-Potter and I don’t know that the show would ever REALLY be able to get them, but apparently Tom had something to say about it during a recent fan convention.

Please note, those of you who take nuggets and run with them – this is neither a “rumor” nor (probably) a serious campaign by either guy. It was probably a JOKE. Neither one probably has to ever work again, just based off Potter – but why not do it for fun guys?? Pweease?? Let’s campaign! For those non-Potterheads, you can read up on Matthew Lewis (grew up gorgeous) and Tom Felton (good musician!) at the links.

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