PureDWTS Season 28: The Full Cast Will Be Announced Aug. 21

I knew SOMETHING was happening with regards to DWTS on GMA Aug. 21, I just didn’t know what; apparently it’s the entire cast announcement, per GMA’s Twitter:

So it looks like we’re getting the entire cast two weeks earlier than expected. Hope they’ve got their ducks in a row…and if they really want to milk this, I’m expecting the DancingABC Instagram to start dropping hints soon…

Adding: Per my source, none of the pros have met their partners yet.  Unless that happens sometime in the coming week, I’d say we may be looking at a Strictly-style cast announcement: pros meet their partners for the first time on LIVE TELEVISION 😯 Guess we’ll see who has a poker face and who doesn’t…pass the popcorn 😉

Adding again: Ok, finally got some clarity from a source: ALL OF THE CELEBS and ALL OF THE PROS are being announced on GMA on Wednesday; however, the partnerships are not being announced – I’m guessing that will happen at a later date, and source thinks it might possibly happen on social media. So they really are doing this Strictly-style…I guess my hope is that this “here are all the pros and here are all the celebs” format doesn’t inspire some pros to start campaigning to get a certain celeb…I could see a pro or two whining to the producers about why they should get [insert incredibly ringer-y partner here] before the formal announcement is made.  STAND FIRM, ANDREW!!! 😯