PureDWTS Season 28 Cast Rumors & Watchout: Christie Brinkley Possibly In…Or Not…?

Ok, I’m gonna advise taking this one with an extreme grain of salt, because I had heard whispers on Twitter that Christie had been cast – and then dropped out of this season – and now I’m hearing this. Given that many of the news outlets seem to be cycling through more speculative items such as Instagram comments and our own posts/comments sections today (hello, sports blogs claiming to be the first to leak Gronk & Camille, who I’m not all that convinced about anymore), I think it’s entirely possible that someone from Page Six was cruising the DWTS tag on Twitter and picked up this morsel and ran with it. When I heard it, I kinda wondered if she was supposed to be Artem’s partner, and her dropout maybe led to his likely dismissal…but who knows.  You be the judge…

Christie Brinkley is joining the cast of “Dancing With the Stars,” Page Six has exclusively learned.

“They’ve been asking her for a long time – about 15 years and she finally agreed,” a source told us.

Brinkley recently returned to Broadway, starring as Roxie Hart in a successful run of “Chicago.”

The supermodel was also spotted recently filming the season premiere of “The Goldbergs” in Hollywood.

We’re told she’s prime for the spotlight.

“She felt the timing was right to join the show,” the source said.

So…did Christie get cast, drop out, and they somehow lured her back…? Or is she out, and Page Six is just a couple days late a few bucks short? Discuss. Adding: forgot about this interview that Heidi posted in Pro Watch, where Jenna & Val mention being “one female celeb short” as of last Thursday – seems consistent with somebody possibly dropping out unexpectedly.