DWTS Season 28 Night One – Media And Interviews Before Showtime!!

We’re only hours away from the premiere of Dancing With The Stars Season 28. While we wait, check out some press things below and be sure to keep checking back as the day progresses as we may be adding more….

Celebrity Insider has gathered up some quotes from Christie Brinkley for how excited her family is to see her dance include former husband Billy Joel.

For those interested, The New Yorker talked with Sean Spicer about Dancing With The Stars. It sounds like he’s having a lot of fun and may not be that “cringey”. Read on….

He was joined that day by his professional dance partner, who has been featured on many seasons of “Dancing with the Stars.” (Her name will be revealed on the season’s première.) “Sean’s really persistent, but he doesn’t have a lot of upper-body-isolation movement,” she said. She wondered if he’d been practicing. “Be honest. Did you work on this while I was gone?” she asked him. Then she said, “We got a shimmy down—like a little chest pop—but his body just does not move that way. It’s not even that he needs to learn how to do it, it’s just that he doesn’t have the flexibility for it.”

Spicer defended his learning style. “I’m very visual when I learn,” he said. “I’m not one of those people who can, like, read directions. If I get a set of directions, instead of reading it, I YouTube it.” Spicer likes to watch a tape of each day’s rehearsal and study what he needs to improve.

Did he see any parallels between dancing on TV and his tenure as press secretary? “None,” he said. “Well, maybe puns: like, dancing around things?” He said that, when he watched clips of himself giving press briefings, “I would go, Oh, wow, I didn’t realize I came off that way. I should’ve kept that answer tighter.” The rehearsal studio is on the other side of the Potomac from the Holocaust Museum (Spicer once referred to Auschwitz as a “Holocaust center”) and from the Martin Luther King, Jr., memorial (he once told the press that “just the other day” Trump “sat down with civil-rights leader M.L.K., Jr.”).

“No,” he said. “Well, I know that it’s fast, and a little Latin.”

“It’s a sharp, accented dance,” she told him. “We saw the fun Spicey, but this is serious.”

The producer wanted to start again at the knee slide. Spicer’s partner gave him some notes. “I’d rather you slide only, like, two inches, and have a big moment,” she said. “I’d rather have it be a mini slide than a massive fall.”

Afterward, they solemnly watched the first take on a monitor.

“The slide looks like it’s just checking the box,” Spicer said, dejected.

“You’re O.K.,” his partner said. “Nothing’s worse than a cringey moment, and I’m not seeing you do that. It looks clean, and it doesn’t look painful.”

More at The New Yorker.

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