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Carrie Ann Inaba And Julianne Hough’s Fashion Post For DWTS Season 21, Week 7

Changing the number of weeks in a season really throws me off. I’m finding that I have to work to remember what week number we’re at, and thinking that usually at this week, we see x y and z, but the extra week is throwing me off. I would love to get back to staying with only 10 weeks, and enough celebrities for 10 great weeks and no double eliminations. And no stupid theme weeks, and crazy challenges. And go back to what made this show the amazing show that it is…. Make the next season RETRO-DWTS! No jazz, no contemporary, no charleston or bollywood or any of the other styles they’ve added. No lifts, no lifts, no lifts. No props, no huge productions allowed every single dance for every single episode. VERY limited use of the troupe, opening and bumpers. Pro dances choreographed by THE PROS! No themes. Lots of cha cha, jive, waltz and Viennese Waltz, tango and argentine tango, paso doble, foxtrot, quickstep, mambo, samba and whatever I’ve forgotten that we don’t see enough anymore. Oh, and bring back the No Score, Let’s Just Have a Blast Group Dance! Forget the need to have the professional dancers prove themselves by giving impossible challenges, let them prove themselves by letting them teach and dance they styles they know so well!

Now, shall we talk about Hayes elimination? No, much has been said already. I will say, though, that he has grown and matured quite a bit while on the show, and Emma’s definitely taught him a LOT, and not just dancing, but Life. I know Tamar got a bad edit in her package, but what she said doesn’t bother me as much as what Val said, “I feel like she’s finally starting to trust me, and it’s week 7.” Ouch. It does show. She can’t develop a good connection with Val, becaue she just doesn’t trust him? herself? It’s more than what Louis said on AfterBuzz when he blasted Julianne for saying she doesn’t see a connection between them in hold, because you’re not supposed to be looking at each other…. Look at Hayes and Emma and the connection they’ve got, and compare it to the connection between Tamar and Val. To me, Tamar and Val just feels… Lifeless? Emotionless? Like she’s just putting in time, and going through the motions and not investing anything of HER other than what’s expected. Hayes trusts Emma, and he likes Emma, and it helped their dancing. It’s hard for me to completely put into words, but if Tamar and Val had the same level of trust and the same level of emotional connection (not passion), I would be very happy if she won this season.

Moving on, Carrie Ann’s Parade blog is up and everyone should probably head over and read it. And to Carrie Ann? If you’re reading, HI! Don’t be a stranger, we don’t bite (too hard), please pop on and say hi! And I urge you to watch for Princess Heidi’s weekly Numbers post, she puts everything down in black and white and explains all of the numbers, and we can see why Hayes elimination wasn’t a huge surprise. It’s easy to understand, too.

Julianne’s blog is up over on, and you can head over and read it by clicking the link. We get to read about Julianne’s GORGEOUS! updo!!!  Did anyone else think that it was the perfect style for her wedding????

I couldn’t find any photos of Leah, but, she did much better than last week, and I loved seeing her frightened…. Love seeing the scares. I wouldn’t like it if it happened TO me, but Sasha’s such a sweet guy, how can anyone be mad at him long?

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Our Weekly DWTS 21 Week 5 Fashion Round Up For Erin Andrews, Julianne Hough, And Carrie Ann Inaba

Sometimes I need to sit down and think hard to figure out which week we’re in for the season. This is one of those weeks. It’s also been “one of those weeks” for me.  It also felt like the whole week was off, on the show. Tom’s dad passed away, no one was with their regular partners, and things just didn’t completely feel like things were completely “jelled.” There were a few dances that I LOVED! But the whole atmosphere seemed just “off” to me. And like others mentioned in other posts and in the comments, I’m more than done with the whole “married couple competing” schtick. I do think it is an interesting concept, but I don’t think Alexa and Carlos were the correct couple. Even IF the show didn’t beat us over the head with the schtick 10,000 times each episode, I think they should have found a couple that were a bit older, longer married, more secure and a lot more mature.

Erin’s weekly style blog is over on People. I LOVED the color of her dress, and I don’t mind that it was shorter. She’s going back and forth from the Red Room to the other end of the ballroom and back. I don’t think the shoes were the best match, what would you say, Miss Vogue?

Julianne’s weekly style blog is over on Instyle. I’m a bit torn about how I feel about her dress. I like it, and she looks really good in it, but not so sure about the cut outs, and wish she had found something with more color. How about the color that Erin wore?

And Carrie Ann! I’m starting to think she needs to change up some of her styling, Erin and Julianne both continually change it up and take risks, while Carrie Ann definitely is a bit more conservative in her styling choices. Yes, she’s older than both of the other two women, but I think it’s possible to change it up. Her blog is up on Parade, and she gives her thoughts on all of the couples. You should go and read on your own, but I’m not going to talk much about it here, I prefer Courtney’s two recap posts here and here.

So! Which is your Best Dressed this week? I think I’m going to give Erin the edge this week, with Julianne a second.

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Our Weekly Fashion Blog With Carrie Ann Inaba, Julianne Hough, and Erin Andrews For DWTS21 Week 4

I didn’t mean to leave Erin out of these posts, but she’s blogging over on People this season. So, when possible, we’ll have one fashion post for all three of them.

So, what did you think of the show this week? I definitely missed Tom this week, but glad that he’s able to be there with his dad, it’s not an easy time. Alfonso didn’t do badly, but he definitely showed just HOW GOOD Tom is at his job! This is one week where I really enjoy the addition of contemporary and jazz, because most celebrities pick something sad for their most memorable year, and without these two styles, we get a whole lot of badly danced rumba.  Each and every one of them seemed to be trying their hardest to show their story through dance– Some were just more successful than others. I think that Paula definitely should be the next one off, she’s the weakest link left. In most seasons, by the time the lowest tier dancers have left, it’s pretty clear who remaining are in that next tier, and who are in the top tier. I’m not seeing as big a division this season, it may be there, but I’m just not seeing it. Keep watching Heidi’s Number posts, because we could start hearing about “shocking exits” once Paula leaves. We know that none of those “shocking exits” are ever truly shocking, because we’ve seen the numbers, and Heidi’s explained who is most in danger of leaving, and why. And in case I’ve not said it before, Thank you, Heidi, for the hard work to put together the numbers posts each season.

Carrie Ann wrote her weekly blog at Parade on the “most emotional week” on DWTS. About Most Memorable Year week, she says: Read more..

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Carrie Ann Inaba and Julianne Hough Write On DWTS Season 21 Week 3 By Lori

AH, DWTS! That show we know and love and occasionally strongly dislike. What would we ever do without its constant need to create as much drama as possible? Sometimes I think that we should have a running tally of all of the…. Crud… that they make us wade through and revisit during the down time after the season is over. I’m not sure how to find the humor in some of it, however.

This week’s biggest manufactured dramas is still ongoing, and has BY FAR surpassed the rest of the manufactured drama from those silly scripted packages (but at least trying to get the gullible public into thinking Alek is interested in Lindsay’s other childhood best friend keeps the public’s eyes off the real budding romance. Need to find some silver lining in the whole thing. Afterall, they owe them that much, especially after what they did last season). Yes, Kim’s stroke. Yes, I do believe that her leaving the show is the BEST thing for her and for her family. How TPTB went about it was wrong, and in my opinion, only meant to create the drama we now have. It’s creating some free publicity for the show, and they only had to COMPLETELY BLINDSIDE one of their pros and a celebrity they knew could quickly and easily create the buzz they want! Don’t make Tom be the bad guy, do the dirty work yourselves!

Carrie Ann addresses it quickly in her Parade blog by saying:

Last night’s sudden elimination of Kim Zolciak Biermann was a shocker. It was the first time in 21 seasons of Dancing with the Stars that anyone had to be dismissed from the competition due to her inability to perform. Kim was unable to dance last night after suffering a mini stroke last week while traveling. I wish her a speedy recovery and hope that she now has the time to take good care of herself. This was a first for DWTS. In past seasons, Dorothy Hamill, Jewel and Nancy O’Dell dropped out of the competition due to injuries, but they did so willingly. Jewel and Nancy O’Dell dropped out right before the season started back in 2009. And Dorothy Hamill pulled out of the competition mid-season due to a serious back injury in 2013. Injuries are a scary part of the territory of being on DWTS. A stroke is a whole different thing. And it’s very serious. So take care Kim, we are all rooting for you!

Hmmm… I don’t know what to think about what she says. What are your thoughts?

Carrie Ann’s highlight dances were Nick and Sharna’s, Alexa and Mark’s, Tamar and Val’s, Alek and Lindsay’s and Bindi and Derek’s. And she spends some time to give advice to the rest of the group, so go over there to check out what she has to say.

And Julianne’s weekly fashion blog over at InStyle has been posted with some behind the scenes. And surprisingly enough, SHE did her own make up on Monday! And I loved it, she did a great job! And yellow is definitely a great color on her.

I want to end this on a happy note, so if you want a good case of AWWWW and possibly some melted insides, check out this recent post from Washington Post sports page, they interviewed Julianne’s fiance, Brooks Laich.

Also, who wore it better this week: Julianne or Carrie Ann?

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Carrie Ann Inaba And Julianne Hough Blog On DWTS Season 21 week 2

What a week it’s been! I REALLY hope the producers kick this idea to the curb, and NEVER re-visit the thought again! Giving the couples TWO dances in only week 2 of the competition really was cruel and unusual punishment that not one of the pairs on the show deserve! And if I heard Witney correctly in her After Buzz interview, it was a complete surprise. Not fair, I think, to dump something like that on them at the last moment. And while I’m complaining, why does it seem that some of the couples were allowed to go rehearse Monday night, and others weren’t? I’m just going by Julianne’s question to Tamar and Val, when she asked if they went to practice, because what she’d commented on Monday seems to have been fixed. I know from Carlos and Alexa’s blog posts, both wanted and asked to go rehearse after the show Monday, and were told the rehearsal spaces were all closed. So, did anyone get to practice?

Moving on…..

Julianne’s style blog has moved from People to InStyle, which seems to be a better fit, since it’s a blog about FASHION! She’s got a blog up for Monday, and another one for Tuesday, so go and check both of them out! There’s behind the scenes photos with her dogs, too. It’s amazing how different she looked both nights. Which night do you prefer? I loved her look on Monday, it felt soft, and romantic, while Tuesday seemed a lot more edgy, and while I like when her team plays up her eyes to make them “pop,” there was something I just didn’t like about the look on Tuesday. Read more..

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DWTS Week 8 Blog Post For Carrie Ann Inaba And Julianne Hough

I missed last week, sorry about that. It ended up being One of Those weeks. Anyway, we’re back this week! I almost waited another day for this, just in case Julianne had another Glamor Blog for Tuesday, but then I read Carrie Ann’s blog and decided that it really should be posted.

First up, Julianne’s glamor blog at People magazine. I LOVED the whole look this week, everything just went together, and was probably one of my most FAVORITE looks she’s ever had! Go check out People Magazine here to read all about her Monday look! I do like her as a judge, she’s settled in well, and she mostly does try to find some things that each couple can work on. It’s not easy trying to do what you feel you need to do, while toeing the line that was given to her by TPTB. I do think she tip toes well on it, and seems to have found a balance. As for Derek, especially her comment about him “looking ridiculous,” it didn’t bother me. She’s his little sister, and one of the people who really knows him the best. And being his sister, I think it’s her job to give him jabs in jest, just as I’m sure he teases her when he can. Julianne and Derek are completely normal siblings, it’s going to happen from time to time, and they both knew it meant no harm. Both of them get enough things hurled at them by so called “fans,” that her ribbing him about his costume is small in comparison, and doubtful it hurt their relationship.

Carrie Ann’s People Blog was very insightful! She mentions having a Live Tweet after the show, and answering questions after Monday’s show, and went to her twitter to see some of the questions and answers, but I found nothing. If anyone has seen anything from her live tweet, let me know. (Vogue here: You can read Carrie Ann’s Live Chat here.)

Meanwhile, she takes the time and reviews the six couples left, highlighting what she felt was their postive parts, and what she feels they need to work on. If you want to read in full, go to her blog to read the whole thing, I’ll highlight just Robert and Chris, since we lost them tonight.

Chris Soules and Witney Carson — He has improved the most of all the competitors, and even though he lacks consistency, he’s really found an emotional component to his performances that has taken his game way up. He’s extremely likable, and he’s got some momentum at this moment. He’s peaking at the right moment, and that’s a good thing for him. He’s found himself in this competition and defined his place and his worth out there. He’s come from behind so many times. He’s the comeback kid! Needs to work on: Remaining consistent in his performances, being sure he knows his choreography backward and forward.

Robert Herjavec and Kym Johnson — The most delightful couple this season. He never seems to get upset or flustered. He just keeps on keeping on. His uplifting demeanor makes us all smile and remember that life should be happy. When he dances it feels like the world is a very happy place. Every one of their routines has been filled with joy and a happiness that is really something quite special. His twinkly eyes and his twinkle toes make for some really enjoyable performances. Needs to work on: Staying present with the music. Sometimes he gets ahead of the music by not listening and staying relaxed.

She talks about her friend who founded Drea’s Dream, which sounds like a FABULOUS cause! And some info about week 9. Not much, but enough that we can figure out some details for one of their dances.

I’m also really excited to see who will remain because I will be going into the studio tonight to work with one couple on creative direction for one of the performances. This has never been done before in the history of Dancing with the Stars, and I’m looking forward to getting a chance to work with these incredible couples. The big questions are: Who will make it to the next round, and who will be paired with me? Tune in tonight!

Which pair would you like to see with which judge? My choices would be…

Nastia and Derek with Len because until recently, Derek’s always seemed to respect Len, and while I think he would listen to the others, I think Len would be best suited to Derek and his Vision. Usually, Derek and Julianne work well together, but from things I’ve read/heard from them, he usually comes up with ideas and she works them out, and that’s not the idea of this challenge. So, I’ll stick with Len.

Riker and Allison with Julianne, because she’s been that pro still trying to learn the ropes, and figure out how the show works, and could be a good mentor to them, and find a concept/choreography that suits Riker and Allison best, bringing out their best side while minimizing some of their flaws.

Noah and Sharna with Bruno, because of the two remaining judges, he seems to be the one more grounded in reality, and when you listen through some of his schtick, he’s really a nice man, with some great ideas to help people improve.

Rumer and Val with Carrie Ann, because she’s the one that’s left. I sat here and tried to decide which of the 4 judges I thought would be best for them, and I simply just don’t have  a good reason for choosing Carrie Ann, but I’m more positive about who I would prefer for the other couples.

So, what do you guys think?

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DWTS20 Week 6 Blog Post For Julianne Hough And Carrie Ann Inaba With An Appearance From Len Goodman

First off, I’m still working on seeing everything from last night. I had a meeting that went a lot longer than expected, and I got home just as Riker and Allison were getting their scores. Then the rain started, with a lot of thunder and lightning, and the satellite went out. I was able to watch most of the show this morning, but have not been able to watch both team dances, and neither of their packages. I did see Team YoLo.  I hate feeling like I’m behind when I’m trying to keep up with things, and really, not seeing all of the show shouldn’t prevent me from writing this post. But still, I’m feeling behind.

Julianne’s People magazine blog is up! There’s a LOT of information in this week….. I’ve learned over the last several weeks, that her Creative Team like to get together and pretend Julianne is a human barbie doll, and use the themes for DWTS as their cue to do what they will….. What did you think of Julianne’s look this week? They used Spring Break and turned her into a human Anime doll. I’m not so sure….

THIS IS THE LAST WEEK FOR JULIANNE’S PINK HAIR! She’s been getting a LOT of flack for having pink hair, but she’s always one to continually change up her hair. Here’s her team, stylist Anita Patrickson, hair guru Riawna Capri, and makeup man, Spencer Barnes.

“When we fit her in this dress, Julianne had just gotten her hair dyed,” Anita Patrickson tells PEOPLE. “We had originally thought her hair would be pink for a week, and then she’d go back to being blonde, but when we tried the dress on with her hair pink it looked so amazing she decided to keep it especially for this dress.”

Hough’s hair guru Riawna Capri adds that the yellow dress “was a perfect juxtaposition for the pink hair.”

“The biggest challenge was maintaining Jules pink to stay vibrant for the show,” she tells PEOPLE. “We would chalk it up before the show to maintain the brightness.”

To refresh her hue, Capri uses Evo hair color, a temporary dye that’s easy to get out when “you are done with being a unicorn.” (Shop Hough’s exact formula for #UnicornPink here.)

“She looked like a doll so much, and she didn’t really feel like herself,” Capri says of Hough’s reaction to the look. “She usually more effortless and free, but tonight was perfect and polished.”

Her makeup artist Spencer Barnes says cherry blossoms and anime were the inspiration behind her bold beauty moment.

He also teased that another hair change is pending for the 26-year-old star. “Julianne is always full of surprises — and this hair color was something she’s been dreaming about doing for sometime. Tonight after the show the will be are back in Riawna’s Melrose Place salon — Nine Zero One — for more hair surprises.”

Hmmm……. Another new hair color for Julianne next week….. I’ll guess RED! because she’s mentioned that fairly recently, and I was actually surprised to see her hair pink a couple weeks ago. I’m HOPING it’s a more natural red, and similar to the wig she wore for Burlesque, although at the same time, a nice Washington Capital Red might be nice support to her boyfriend…. Still hoping it’s a more natural red.

I did wonder why it was Mark and his girl friend at the hospital with Derek last night, and not Julianne and their mother, and being at the salon would explain it.

Julianne posted a funny video on her facebook page. It’s Len from yesterday, in what looks like the judges production meeting, and fortunately for her, and for us, Len allowed her to post it. Trust me, you’ll want to see Definitely-Not-Grumpy-Len!

UPDATE on Julianne’s hair, before we hit the post button…. IT’S NOT RED! Her make up man, Spencer Barnes, posted this instagram of Julianne with her hair re-done (it’s pictured below too), and ready to go for filming the celebration episode! All I can say is, WOW! I honestly was expecting red, based on what Spencer said before, but I am glad she’s back to blond. I loved the pale pink, but haven’t been able to say that I loved the bright pink from Monday. But the color and cut here, LOVE!

And keep checking back, Carrie Ann’s blog will be added WHEN I SEE IT! I’ve been checking all day, and it’s not been posted.

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DWTS 20 Week 5’s Weekly Blog for Julianne Hough and Carrie Ann Inaba

It’s heeeeerre! I’ve been waiting for most of the day for both Julianne and Carrie Ann to get their weekly blogs up. Julianne gets to go first today, because People put hers up this morning, and Parade didn’t get Carrie Ann’s up until Tuesday evening my time.

So, what do you think of Julianne’s look this week? Check out her People Style Blog, there’s a lot of photos this week! I LOVED her dress! It was flowy and dreamy, I thought. And I’m still not completely sold on her pink hair, but it looked really cute on Monday. And it looks like it could be a temporary color, and is beginning to fade out. It’s definitely going to make things interesting with her hair for the next week or so, if it is temporary. And, she hinted at some things that have been happening for the DWTS Anniversary.

And though Hough once told us she didn’t like to be rushed, things were busier than usual around the trailer. “The day was busy today with extra interviews for the 10 year DWTS anniversary, so we had to work quickly as a team to get this look polished,” Barnes says. “Julianne’s a delight to get ready each week because she is adventurous and experimental with her looks.”

Carrie Ann expanded about those extra interviews in her Parade Blog.

Yesterday was a blur! It was Disney night and we filmed a Dancing with the Stars 10th anniversary special that will air May 14 at 8 p.m. ET. My day on set started at 9:30 a.m. instead of my normal 11 a.m. call time.

Make sure to click the link and read her whole blog, because there is a lot! of information about things that we have been wondering about. She spent so much time in her blog talking about everything that happened before the show, that I thought she wouldn’t get around to talking about the dances. I was wrong.

The performances were incredible on Disney Night. Suzanne Somers sadly was eliminated, but I am happy for her that she went out on a high note. She was really came out and showed a new side of herself. Unfortunately, she got her heel caught in her dress, but she handled it like a pro and recovered ever so quickly. She was in the right mindset to continue in the competition but her journey was cut short. It was fun to see her vibrant energy out there every week.

It was pretty obvious that my favorite dance of the night was Riker Lynch and Allison Holker’s pasodoble. It was innovative and progressive with incredible shaping and styling. He was large and in charge and it thrilled me to no end. Congratulations Riker and Allison for really waking us all up with this incredible performance.

Rumer Willis and Val Chmerkovskiy also wowed us with a very unique performance. It was a risky choice to do a samba to that music, but it worked. I worry that their choices can be a bit too heavy at times. Rumer is a killer performer and she squeezes every ounce of excitement out of each movement and gives us maximum enjoyment. I’d like to see her do something fun at some point, like her disco/salsa in week 3.

Nastia Liukin and Derek Hough came out strong after two incredible and very artistically daring pieces. And while it was a phenomenal dance, and captured what Disney is in 90 seconds of movement bliss, I was distracted by his choice to have them lip sync some but not all of the routine. They lip-synced the dialogue, which I thought was brilliant. We immediately believed that they were the characters. But it didn’t follow through well for me, and was just short of perfection. It was wonderful to see Nastia having fun.

I can’t wait to see what happens next week for our spring break extravaganza. I wonder if Bruno Tonioli will wear a Speedo… Something to ponder.



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Julianne Hough and Carrie Ann Inaba’s DWTS Weekly Blog Update For Week 4

It’s hard to believe that we’re almost halfway done with this season already! I don’t want it to end yet!

Anyway, it’s time for the weekly Blog Update post for both judges Carrie Ann Inaba and Julianne Hough.

Carrie Ann’s got her weekly post-show wrap up over at Parade, so go check it out. She mentions Willow and Mark, Patti and Artem, Robert and Kym and Rumer and Val, but for me, the best part is what she wrote about Noah and Sharna.

The dance that touched my heart the most was Noah Galloway and Sharna Burgess. The pair wrapped up the night in a beautiful bow of patriotism and inspiration. Noah continues to push us beyond what we thought was possible, both on and off the dance floor. His positivity, which he admits he had to fight for, is really a bright, inspiring light for all of us to witness. I also can’t believe he had a tooth knocked out and his wrist was sprained. He doesn’t let anything bring him down. And it’s really so special. Sharna also needs to be congratulated for her choreography because she accentuates all the best parts of Noah. She knows his body and how it moves so well, the balance, the power and she is able to work magic. Our pros really are incredible artists. A lot of work goes into these performances, and whether or not they get high scores, they have invested their hearts and souls for their stars, and I always appreciate that work.

I agree with her, especially the part that is boldfaced.

Julianne has her weekly beauty blog up at People, and her beauty team gave details, like every week! While watching the show, I honestly thought that her dress was black, and I couldn’t decide if I liked it or not. But now, seeing the photos, I LOVE the dress, and I wish we could have seen the whole thing, and not just the top of it, while she is sitting behind a desk.

And if you head over to her website and her instagram, you can see pictures of her NEW HAIR! It was coming, I think I can remember some rumblings, so it shouldn’t be a huge surprise to anyone, especially since she is quite often changing up her hair, and has played with color before. This time, she’s chosen the color of kindness! It looks good on her, and it makes her eyes pop, but I am quietly hoping this is a temporary dye, and that she’ll go back to blond again soon. However, I do like her hair with other more natural shades.

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The Carrie Ann Inaba and Julianne Hough DWTS Season 20 Week 3 Blog Wrap Up

Below is Lori with Carrie Ann Inaba and Julianne Hough’s new blogs!! She is life saver and helping me with Blogs on Media Tuesday and I’m liking the way she’s combining them! What do you think? And Lori, I loved Julianne’s lip stick too! THANKS for all of your help!! ~ Vogue

I’m trying something new, and putting both of our female judges in one place. Let me know if you like it this way, or would prefer to have them separate.

Carrie Ann’s weekly blog post is up at Parade, and it was obvious to me that she reads the comments that people have about her judging.

On a personal note, last night was challenging for me personally. It is never easy to give constructive criticism to people you look up to and respect. However, that is what we are there to do, it is our job to judge and I believe it is my job to help each contestant to be their personal best. I offer advice that I hope will help them have a better chance at winning in the long run. After being a judge on the show for every single episode for 20 seasons, I know what the audience likes to see, and I know what we as judges like to see. I may have upset a few people, which I never want to do, but it comes with the territory of being a judge.

Last night, I enjoyed Suzanne Somers and Tony Dovolani’s samba. It was a delight to watch and was sheer entertainment. They could have gone straight to Vegas and sold out! But after three weeks of very colorful, light and almost campy (in a good way) routines, I would like to see more depth to her performance. Suzanne is an icon. She is a very strong woman. She’s in great shape and she looks terrific, but I feel there’s more to her. I’d like to see her do something that expresses her passion, her grace and elegance and shows us a new dimension. I didn’t deduct points because she hasn’t shown us that yet, but I was offering advice for the future. I upset Tony — which if you have read any of my blog posts or know me at all, you would know is NOT my intention. I have nothing but respect for these incredible professionals on our show. No one works harder on television than our pros, working as choreographers, therapists, friends, trainers and guides throughout this journey for their celebrity partners, and I have nothing but respect for their passion, dedication and excellence. But I worry that if Suzanne keeps doing light performances, she will get lost in the crowd. I’d like to see a bit of drama in her performance, a bit of passion, and a bit more depth. So, I’m looking forward to next week to see what they put together for us. And remember, I’m rooting for everyone out there to do his or her best!


I like parts of this, and do agree, but other parts was Carrie Ann definitely doing some CYA Fluff. Check out the link above to read the whole blog!

And Julianne has her weekly blog is up on People, I LOVE the color of her lipstick!

Here's Carrie Ann, Julianne and Bruno. Where's Len?

Carrie Ann, Julianne, and Bruno.



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