Dancing with the Stars Power Rankings Week 10

We’re back again with another week of my Dancing with the Stars power rankings. Last week’s Dancing with the Stars power rankings got rocked a little when Lil’ Kim and Derek Hough were sent packing. From the looks of the boards and other online sources, it seems like a lot of people were surprised that Derek and Lil’ Kim were sent home.

We’re down to the Dancing with the Stars final 4. This is a big week, because making it to the finale of Dancing with the Stars is an achievement in itself. This is even more true for the professional dancers who get paid more the farther they go. Without further ado, here’s my Dancing with the Stars top 4 power rankings.

1. Shawn & Mark – I’m still putting my money on Shawn because of popularity. As expected the top 3 were within a point of each other which basically means it comes down to America’s vote. Watch for the same type of scoring this week.

2. Gilles & Cheryl – Gilles is lucky to have the waltz this week. It’s a perfect dance for his frame and posture. Expect it to be a highlight of the show. Salsa is just a fun dance that should get him and Cheryl a few extra votes from the fans as well.

3. Melissa & Tony – I almost placed Melissa above Gilles, because Melissa fans have really been doing amazing things. Seems like all the bitter women are still providing Melissa the sympathy vote. However, Melissa has the dreaded Quickstep which is hard dance to do and score well. So, expect her judges scores for the quickstep to be lower.

4. Ty & Chelsie – I shouldn’t bet against the cowboy, but his time has come. The other three are just so good that I think it will be difficult for Ty to overcome what will be poor scoring. Yes, I am saying that Ty’s samba butt shaking is going to score low.

Anyone care to disagree with my Dancing with the Stars power rankings?