DWTS Season 9 News from Around the Internets

If you think I mis-spelled Internet – you are incorrect. 🙂 A wide variety of news today, starting with the one that seems to be bouncing all over the net. The breakup of Maks and Karina, reported by EVERYONE. I’ve quoted a bit of the TV Guide version below. In a very tacky move, if true, someone from Maks’ camp leak that he dumped her because she is high maintenance.

Dancing with the Stars pros Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Karina Smirnoff have called off their engagement, a source close to the couple confirms to TVGuide.com.

The split, first reported by E!, comes a day after Chmerkovskiy cryptically tweeted: “What was meant to be a ‘life long book’, turned into a ‘chapter’…….and now that ‘chapter’ is finished…… Se la vie…”

But, Maks is full of sweetness and light this week, going after Joanna Krupa (supposedly) for saying she’s glad she got Derek and not Maks – really, what else is she supposed to say? Why this caused Maks to be so defensive, I don’t know. Could be that he’s tired of hearing how impatient he is. Again, according to TV Guide, Joanna reportedly said:

“He gets a little impatient and really pushes you, so maybe we would’ve had a little argument here and there!” she told TV Guide.

Gee, we’ve actually SEEN that happen on TV, and nothing in that statement seems like that big a deal to me. She was explaining why she was happy with Derek and was responding to a question of if she thought she would be paired with Maks. I know that Joanna has had her moments, but this doesn’t seem to be one of them. So, why is Maks so defensive?

TVGuide.com: Joanna Krupa said she was glad she wasn’t paired with you because she thought you would butt heads and said you were a little impatient. What do you have to say to that?
She doesn’t even know me. I’m very happy we’re not partners. If she wants to jump on the bandwagon of thinking I’m impatient, that’s fine by me. My focus is Debi. It’s silly of [Joanna] to say that since she’s never said a word to me. … People always think, “Wow, Maks is so mean.” I’m not mean. Yes, I’ll be frustrated, but I know what to get out of this person so we’ll be there Thursday. If I was always nice, pleasant and not educating my partner, then they won’t get out of this show what they themselves want. What happens is people sign up not knowing what exactly they’re signing up for. When they’re freaking out, I go, “Listen, if you do exactly what I say, you’ll be fine.” Sometimes we need to push our partners because that’s what they want us to do.

Um, Maks? You just proved Joanna’s point, dude. Sorry, I’m a little upset with Maks for the leaking info that he dumped Karina because she’s “high maintenance“. That’s just crappy. Why not follow the lead of the much classier Derek and Shannon?? In any event, Joanna says this is a non-issue, per her Twitter.

amusing how a few try to create an artificial gap between Maksim and me. I have highest respect for him.Period

Okay, ranting and raving over with. 🙂 Much happier article – my favorite host with the most, Tom Bergeron! He gave an exclusive Interview to BuddyTV back in 2007 that just popped up for me today; some interesting excerpts below:

You’ve had a lot of different hosting jobs in your career across multiple genres from game shows to talk shows to reality TV. What’s the most difficult part about hosting a TV show that you know, maybe a normal person wouldn’t expect?

The most difficult—the hardest thing for me to host is a taped show. For example, America’s Funniest Videos is harder to do than Dancing with the Stars. Dancing with the Stars is live, it has a clear beginning, middle and end. It focuses my energy because there’s no second take and I love it. And Videos is fun because it’s a great slapstick comedy show. I call it the annuity cause it just keeps going. But we shoot it—even though we’ll shoot the show, an hour show in about an hour and a half, the way they edit it when it’s finally aired, I can’t—for example if something strikes me as funny and I think of a line about a tape that you’ve just seen, it’s a lot of back referencing. They’ll say “please don’t do that because we don’t know if we’re gonna put this up against that.” So there’s more of a stop and start feel to that which makes it more—I’m always sort of biting my tongue a little bit. But having said that it’s been you know, it’s been incredibly durable and continuous to do really well with families and kids.

Dancing with the stars—it’s become one of the most popular reality competitions on television today and we’re already on the brink of the semi-finals of a very successful season four. What do you attribute the show’s success to?

I’m almost hesitant to try to over analyze it, actually, because it’s like if you take apart a joke and then it’s not funny anymore. So, I don’t know, I mean I have my own feeling about why it works in the sense that it’s just…there’s something about watching people outside of their comfort zone, doing something for nothing really more than bragging rights to a little trophy. And watching that unfold week in, week out…I mean, moments like Leila Ali dancing the waltz for her dad on the show Monday night, it’s just great, great television. And, people get wrapped up in these stars and these teams. The professional dancers are in many ways celebrities themselves now, the ones who have been with us three or four seasons.

Found a bunch of little videos at TV Overmind. The first one is of, who else, Donny Osmond. 🙂

I think it’s possible that I could have a straight girl crush on Kelly Osbourne 🙂

Heh. Karina googled Aaron – I would have killed to hear the conversation that resulted from THAT!! 😉