Dancing with the Stars 2010 – Season 10

Okay, this is *probably* not true, but it would certainly be hilarious…Ozzy following in Kelly’s footsteps?? LOL. πŸ˜‰

On Twitter, I’ve seen reference to AJ from the BSB (or is it NKotB?? I can never keep them straight) as being a possible contestant next season. I’ve also seen a campaign for Crystal Chappell (formerly of the soap opera Guiding Light) to be on DWTS. For some reason they were tweeting Derek – maybe they tweeted all the pros. Hard to say.

In pure conjecture-
It was rumored that Greg Louganis would be on this season. It was also rumored that Nadia Comaneci would be on this season. It was also said that LaToya (and possibly Jermaine) Jackson were a lock for this season prior to Michael’s untimely death. Well, we’ve seen a lot of LaToya and a good bit of Jermaine in relation to this season’s show – plus the show got the rights to Michael’s songs for a tribute where other shows had failed. Sure, everyone in the family was a fan, but…gee, wonder if Latoya and Jermaine will be on next season? πŸ˜‰ Then there’s this video from Tuesday night –

Wow. Nadia and Greg – two rumored contestants for this season make an appearance. Who wants to bet that one or both will be on next season?? And how about Bill Walton as the requisite older gentleman?