Dancing with the Stars Season 11 Rumors – Plausible? Or not?

I dunno about this one, but I called bull on Tom Delay, so…. 🙂

Mail Online says:

Tony Blair offered £250,000 to appear on Dancing with the Stars

He has shown that he is willing to turn his hand to just about anything – just so long as it pays well.

From lucrative after-dinner speeches to advising Arab governments and investment banks, Tony Blair has certainly made the most of his life after politics.

And now the former Prime Minister has been offered £250,000 to sign up for the next series of Dancing With The Stars, the U.S version of Strictly Come Dancing

Betty White’s name has been tossed around by pros, judges, other contestants – but I don’t know if this is a paparazzi wishful thinking asking the question or not? Remember, we pooh poohed Kate Gosselin.

And then there’s Lee Merriweather – I think this is wishful thinking on her part, but that’s what I said about Kate, too. 🙂

Morgan Fairchild?? This might be a case of George Pennachio asking anyone who could be a candidate. 🙂