Dancing with the Stars Season 11 Rankings (Based on Twitter)

Tonight I was going to do an early ranking of the Dancing with the Stars season 11 cast. As I looked at it the list and looked at the late hour, I decided instead to post the rankings of the Dancing with the Stars season 11 cast based on the number of followers on Twitter that each star has. There were a couple Twitter accounts I couldn’t find, but I think these numbers will be interesting. Plus, we can look back after the show and see which star picked up the most Twitter followers after being on DWTS.

Also, be sure to check out the full list of Dancing with the Stars Twitter accounts. It’s been updated with all the Twitter accounts.

Audrina Patridge – 1,041,446
Brandy Norwood – 714,034
Mike Sorrentino – 186,304
Margaret Cho – 81,421
David Hasselhoff – 48,653
Rick Fox – 39,502
Kurt Warner – 33,023
Kyle Massey – 16,655
Michael Bolton – 2,792
Jennifer Grey – 126
Bristol Palin –
Florence Henderson –

Obviously, there’s a lot of factors that go into number of Twitter followers. For example Jennifer Grey just recently started hers. However, who would have guessed that Audrina Patridge would have over a million Twitter followers. Granted she’s hot, but that’s amazing (or sad depending on your point of view).

Well, this is certainly going to make for an interesting season of DWTS.