Pure DWTS End of Season Awards

I’m sure many of you are wondering where the Cheesecake Awards are. Well, don’t worry, they are coming. Courtney and Heidi will certainly provide some special cheesecake for you just for the holidays. While we love the cheesecake awards, we decided that it would be a fun thing to have an awards that was a little more serious. So, the following is the Pure DWTS End of Season Awards.

First, I have to give Courtney props for doing most of the work in putting these award lists together with some help from the Pure DWTS writers. Next, you’ll notice that each poll has an “Other” option so if you don’t like the choices we’ve provided you can add in another choice. Also, be aware that the order of the choices in each poll is random and the results are hidden so we can have a really cool results post.

No doubt the following process isn’t perfect, but we do what we can to avoid any bias. That said, it’s just for fun anyway. So, vote your heart away, don’t get your panties all bunched up and we’ll post the results later.

Best Routine of Season 11:

Worst Routine of Season 11:

Worst Song Assignment of Season 11:

Best Costuming of Season 11:

Worst Costuming of Season 11:

Biggest Controversy:

Most Disappointing Elimination:

Most Emotional Routine:

Mr. Congenialty Award:

Best Musical Guest:

Best DWTS Blogger: