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Dancing with the Stars Music Week 7

Time for 2 dances per couple. That always makes things fun. Ok, here’s the list of music from week 7 of Dancing with the Stars. As always, go and check out the full list of Dancing with the Stars music.

Chelsea & Mark, Ralph & Karina, Romeo & Chelsie danced a Cha-Cha-Cha to the song “Born This Way” Born This Way - Born This Way - Single — Lady GaGa
Hines & Kym, Kirstie & Maks, Kendra & Louis danced a Cha-Cha-Cha to the song “We R Who We R” We R Who We R - Animal + Cannibal (Deluxe Edition) — Ke$ha
Chelsea & Mark danced a Paso Doble to the song “Ghosts ‘N Stuff” Ghosts 'n' Stuff - Ghosts 'n' Stuff (feat. Rob Swire) - EP — Deadmau5
Kendra & Louis danced a Tango to the song “Jealousy” Jealousy - All The Best...: Billy Fury - 20 Timeless Classics — Bill Fury
Kirstie & Maks danced a Jive to the song “La Bamba” La Bamba - The Best of Ritchie Valens — Richie Valens
Ralph & Karina danced a Quickstep to the song “Pencil Full Of Lead” Pencil Full of Lead - Sunny Side Up (Bonus Track Version) — Paolo Nutini
Hines & Kym danced a Tango to the song “Tango Misterioso” Tango Misterioso ( Tango / 32 Bpm ) - Ballroom Originals 1 — Pedro Gomez Orchestra
Romeo & Chelsie danced a Samba to the song “Say Hey (I Love You)” Say Hey (I Love You) - Valentine's Day (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) — Michael Franti & Spearhead

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DWTS12 Week 7 Power Rankings

*yawn* Well, I guess that about sums up “ballroom greats” night for me.  Which is unfortunate, because I was kinda excited about seeing some of my favorites, like Arunas & Katusha and Riccardo & Yulia.  Not sure what it was (maybe Donnie’s bad jokes, maybe some ugly costumes, maybe some lackluster performances), but overall I’m just left feeling a little blase about tonight. And even less enthused about the scoring, which leaves the door WIDE open for a surprise elim.  Yeah, those team scores? All they serve to do is make the points spread EVEN CLOSER…which means literally ANYONE could go home this week.  Even those at the top of the leaderboard.  Are you scared yet? You probably should be.  Pick up that phone while I break it down…

My take on the team dances: Overall, a big disappointment for me, from both teams.  Not too surprised that they tied – although it puts the couples in kind of a bad position, since it only serves to lessen the gap in points between them.  I thought Team Chelsea had the more difficult choreography & more interesting pattern changes, but they were out of sync at several points; I thought Team Hines’ choreo was a bit elementary and not quite as exciting, but they did have the cleaner, more synced-up execution of the two teams.  Neither team really “thrilled” me.  Overall, I doubt the team dances are really going to make a huge impact on voters this week, other than the fact that it might spur them to vote, period.  And vote they should – because this funky points spread this week is a breeding ground for a shock elimination!

1./2.) TIE: Ralph & Karina and Hines & Kym – They’re both tied for the highest score, and I bet they’re both gonna get a lot of votes this week.  Ralph had a comeback week (just like I said he would ;-)) with his quickstep, which I thought was pretty damn cute – entertaining concept, the right choreography, and pretty good execution…I say “pretty good” because Ralph did seem a bit tired to me tonight, or maybe he was just dancing carefully to avoid injuring himself.  Either way, I don’t think it was 10-worthy, but at this point the judges seem to be doling out 10’s so randomly these days that I can’t bring myself to care very much.  Hines is Mr. Consistent, so I imagine he’s consistently getting votes – even though this tango had the same not-100%-there feeling that I got from his Viennese waltz last week.  For me, he kinda alternated between moving crisply & confidently and kinda looking lost and unsure.  And for the first time, his frame kinda looked a little limp to me – not usually a problem Hines seems to have.  As for the team dances – valiant effort by Ralph, and he did better than I thought he would, but was still kinda awkward; Hines did about as well as he did for his first cha-cha, although he seems to have lost a bit of the sparkle that he had the first one – or maybe the novelty has just worn off for me.  Who knows.  I’m gonna cautiously call these two safe, because I think they’ve got the fanbase to stick around despite being in shock elim territory. 

3.) Kirstie & Maks – Eh, this jive could have been worse – she could have both fouled up footwork and been just completely boring to watch (you listening, Bristol? :-)).  Thankfully, she and Maks somehow managed to make what could have been an absolute disaster of a jive halfway entertaining.  Sure, they futzed around without doing any jive for far too long at the beginning, Kirstie completely lost track of her footwork in the side-by-side sections, and overall, there really wasn’t a whole lot of jive here.  Normally, I’d rip this routine a new one – but tonight was a wacky night, and I’m feeling forgiving, since they still managed to entertain me.  I would liken this routine to Niecy & Louis’ Argentine tango in season 10 – not a lot of technique or choreography, so they relied on comedy, and it worked.  Probably the weakest link on Team Hines, which isn’t saying a whole lot when Kendra wasn’t much better.  And really – Kirstie is the master of PR, and seems to be making more people fall in love with her each week, whether she does great or terrible.  Being that they’re tied with Romeo & Chelsie for the lowest score, I think fans are going to be spurred to vote even harder…so I’m gonna call these two safe as well.

4.) Chelsea & Mark – As terrible as this sounds, a part of me ALMOST wants to see these two get sent home, just so Chelsea doesn’t have to deal with Mark’s seemingly volatile moods and in order to give Mark a chance to cool off.  Mark’s behavior has definitely raised my eyebrows this season, but man, I was downright appalled at his behavior tonight. Chelsea looked mortified as he rather defiantly rattled off the list of paso steps he used in their routine, and I could have sworn he made an obscene gesture as he & Chelsea walked to the celebraquarium.  But it’s Chelsea who’s getting scored, not Mark, so I’m going to try to focus on her.  Like pretty much everyone else tonight, I don’t think she was 100% in the pocket of her routine – like I predicted, she seemed to have trouble with the “aggressive” feel of the paso, and like Hines, I feel like she was more in her head than in the dance, and ended up looking more like she was counting steps rather than getting into character.  And choreography-wise, I don’t think the judges were so much upset with the lack of paso steps in the routine – because I actually saw plenty – but just the overall “feel” of the dance, since it was once again Mark being “edgy” and he should know by now that “edgy” and “modern” don’t usually sit well with the judges.  And on top of that – the dancing was just ok.  Definitely not Chelsea’s best, but she did look like she was really trying.  I would say she was probably the MVP of Team Chelsea, but I felt like Mark was once again outdancing her and seemed to be powering her through the moves – which is unfortunate, since I think she’s good enough on her own that she doesn’t really NEED to be powered through them.  Now when it comes down to it – I think these two are a possible “shock elim” tomorrow – possibly moreso than Romeo & Chelsie, since the latter at least has the boon of being tied for the lowest score, which may spur voters more.  I think fans may falsely assume that Chelsea’s ok based on her 4-point lead – and normally they would probably be right, but because of those damn team scores, that 4 point lead is basically peanuts. These two getting eliminated would not shock me at all, based on the numbers.

5.) Romeo & Chelsie – I think Heidi & I simultaneously tweeted something along the lines of “Romeo got the pimp spot? Iiiiiinteresting.” So it makes me wonder if he’s starting to gain momentum in the votes – if so, he could be safer than we think.  But based on this performance alone? Oy…he could be in trouble.  This was a non-event of a samba, just like I had feared – no hip action, low energy (save for a few portions of side-by-side gyrating), and basically Chelsie dancing circles around Romeo.  And it stinks, because I’ve really, really enjoyed Romeo’s performances the past few weeks.  Really & truly, I think they deserved their score – hell, I would even say they were a bit OVERSCORED.  The judges were being a bit kind tonight, IMO.  Had this been a regular week, I don’t think it would have gotten more than a 21.  As for the team dance – meh.  Just not very memorable for me, really.  Anywho, he’s tied for the bottom score, but I quickly did the numbers, and without giving too much away (saving it for Heidi’s post) – he doesn’t have to do much in order to catch up to Kendra.  He could EASILY surpass her in order to stay – as long as he has the votes.  Hell, if he’s really doing well, he could even surpass Chelsea.  He’s tied with Kirstie for the lowest score, but since she’s such a favorite, I don’t think she has anything to really worry about.  So the most likely scenario? It’ll come down to Romeo &…

6.) Kendra & Louis – You’ll have to forgive me – my DVR froze at the beginning of this routine, and I only caught the last 15 seconds or so of it.  What I saw wasn’t necessarily terrible – but it wasn’t necessarily good, either.  Just…odd.  Awkward & uncomfortable, but somehow still going through the motions.  I dunno…I’m not gonna really rely on my opinion of it too much, because I think this week will all come down to who’s got more fans.  A 1-point difference during a regular week? Meh, doesn’t mean much.  A 1-point difference during a 2-dance week? May as well be NOTHING.  I think she’s at a big disadvantage this week, because she’s got 2 people below her in scores (and less of a sense of urgency for people to vote hard for her), and probably doesn’t have enough votes to surpass the next person up (in this case, Chelsea).  And do I need to mention the gigantic target on her back from the past, oh, 3 weeks? 🙂 I’m wondering just how many Sugar & Spice, Dmitra, & Chericho fans are bitter and are giving their votes to other couples now – other couples that aren’t Kendra & Louis.  In general, I think the viewers may be getting tired of her as well – she’s reigned in the verbal diarrhea, which very well may have been part of her appeal, and is getting a bit…boring.  I wouldn’t say she’s for sure going home tomorrow (I’m bracing for a shock elim, myself)…but I would say she’s definitely in danger.  Hopefully….lord knows I cannot handle another “Bristol”!

Ok gang, how did you guys feel about “ballroom greats” week? Did you feel as apathetic about everything as I did, or were you thrilled? 🙂 Is Kendra’s number FINALLY up this week???? SOUND OFF!!!

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Dancing With The Stars 12, Week 7 – Kendra Wilkinson “I’m Done Dying” go into Louis and Kendra’s rehearsals. Kendra says, “It’s real do or die time now”. More below. You can also see a small video at the link (that I can’t embed) where the two are practicing for their Tango. She looks good. But, is she really going to turn it on? Time will soon tell. 😉

“It’s time to get stuff done,” the mommy of son Hank Baskett IV, tells PEOPLE. “No B.S. Get it done. Come here and just be proactive and not just sit around.”

“It’s real do or die time now,” she says. “It’s any of us now. It’s all about who can survive physically and mentally.”

Luckily, Wilkinson isn’t too nervous about her upcoming Monday night performance.

“I feel more comfortable with the tango because it’s not so soft and feminine,” she says while rehearsing with partner Louis van Amstel. “This is a little bit harder and a little bit more fun. It’s definitely more of my type of ballroom dance, rather than the Viennese Waltz.”

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I'm a fashion and music fan....and I have always loved dancing too of any kind. Dancing With The Stars seems to have this way of bringing all of those things together. One of my favorite dancing quotes at the moment: "No matter what, nobody can take away the dance you've already had...." ~Gleb Savchenko . To view my photography site, see Lisa Kay Photography.

DWTS 12, Week 6 – The Cheesecake Awards!!

Heidi here – I found Courtney and she finally finished her part. 🙂 She made some excuse about being a good girlfriend – but for 24 hours?? Dayum. 😉 I will also say that I tried and tried and TRIED to come up with some form of “dirty old man” award for Len – that whole little voice over with the picture-in-picture thing he did for Hines and Kym on the “Road to the Finals” was just KILLING ME in it’s bizarre, chuckly tone. Seriously killing me. Killing me so bad that…I got nuthin’. 🙂 I wish I could think of a prize to give to the commenter who comes up with the best line…but I got nuthin’ there either. So, give it a shot just for fun. 🙂 On with the show…

The “Elephant in the Room” Award: Pia Toscano’s performance

Courtney: They hyped this one for all it was worth – the commercials, the near-constant mentions on the performance show. Hell, they even made a point of showing us Mark & Pia acting all “chummy” (with a sulking Karina off to the side) before the commerical break.  But don’t anyone DARE ask Pia about Mark, or vice-versa!!! No no no no…that’s not of our business, she’s just here because she’s so insanely talented that DWTS & Idol put aside their mutual hatred (and ironclad legal agreements)  in order to allow her to perform.  It has absolutely NOTHING to do with the fact she’s been spotted out on dates with him on several occasions – and that was only a happy accident that TMZ just happened to be at the same place at the same time…more than once.  Shame on us for even being curious!!! Did you guys sense the sarcasm there? 🙂 My point: don’t ram these two down our throats at every opportunity, and then act all taken aback when someone inquires about their liasion.  DWTS viewers are not dumb – they can smell when something’s rotten in the state of Denmark.

Heidi:Especially when Mark and Pia are pictured having dinner with Harry Levin of TMZ fame. 🙂 I felt bad for Tom – don’t think he really wanted to play their game. But it also occurs to me that the new singing show airing on NBC at the same time could be part of this deal. The Voice?? Why else would AI and DWTS team up? I can’t imagine they are that invested in pimping either Mark or Pia that much – and really AI wins more with that one. Don’t they have right of first refusal on record deals with the Top 10 or so? Sure does make sense to keep her in the public eye. Good lord I’m a cynic. 🙂 But yeah, Mark and Pia have really given up their right to act coy at this point. And I’m Sooooo over it. In any case, we’ll probably never see her with Mark again. At 11 mil viewers, the Voice is no threat to AI or DWTS. Mission accomplished.

Musical Guest We’d Most Like to See Back as a Contestant: Donnie Wahlberg

Courtney: When I first saw Peta tweeting about she & Anna performing with Donnie & Joey from NKOTB, I think I groaned aloud…something like “This oughta be good…NOT.” Then I actually saw it happen – and I have to admit, I was slack-jawed by the end of the short little routine they did and found myself wanting to see more of Donnie & Peta dancing! Did you guys see this guy’s hip action & arms??? INSANELY GOOD.  Especially if he only had a few hours of practice with Peta.  Hell, while Joey was (and still is) adorable, now I kinda wish they had gotten Donnie for season 1 of DWTS instead – he could have mopped the floor with Kelly Monaco.  Sadly, while there seem to be many others on Twitter campaigning for a Donnie & Peta partnership on DWTS13, I doubt it’s gonna happen anytime soon – he’s tied up with Blue Bloods, which is on CBS.  *sigh* Then again, DWTS seems to have climbed into bed with Idol (which is on Fox), so maybe it’s not completely out of the question…;-)

Heidi:Am I missing something? Why wouldn’t Donnie be considered just as big a ringer as Nicole, Sabrina, Mel B and Lance? I mean, people got on Nicole for Pussycat Dolls, Sabrina for Cheetah Girls and Mel B for that silly British Girl band, Girls Aloud…I mean Spice Girls. 😉 Why is the ringer label not popping up if it’s a boy band? Lance never got it much either. Don’t get it – they have the same experiences. I have a feeling this is another case of it being okay for the guys but not the girls. But then, as a music snob who dated musicians before I wised up, I know next to nothing about either BSB or NKOTB. 🙂 All THAT said – I don’t mind a ringer. Especially after this season.

Courtney: Oh I don’t doubt that there will be cries of “ringer!” if and when this does happen – and that’s a big IF.  But I daresay, with all the buzz I’m seeing on Twitter, it would not surprise me if his name cropped up in some of our DWTS13 Casting Rumors posts.  And I have no problems with that…Donnie seems like he’d be entertaining to watch.  And he’s still kinda eye-candyish…in a rugged, bad boy sorta way.  I think he’s made my “list”…yeah, THAT list 😉

Heidi: Oh, I have no problem with ringers as long as EVERYONE gets the same criteria applied to them. Somehow, though, I think that someone is only truly a ringer if they happen to be dancing with Derek Hough. The problem for me was never that someone was a ringer, but the labeling of everyone Derek danced with a ringer. Which is just, sorry, ignorant. 🙂

The Ego A-Go-Go Award: Donny Osmond

Courtney: For someone that won the show 3 SEASONS AGO, Donny is sure acting the part of a recent MBT trophy winner pretty well – he’s cropping up and offering his “commentary” to pretty much anyone that will listen, and by commentary, I mean him accusing this season’s male contestants of having a “big ego”…and reminding us that he won season 9. 🙂 I know, I know – many of you claim he’s “just joking”…but if that is indeed the case, it’s getting old…or rather, it’s already gotten old, and now it’s just kinda annoying.  Not quite sure why he keeps repeating this one…is it because he’s scared that he might loose his title of “last dude to win DWTS” to one of this season’s guys? Hmmmm…

Heidi:He needs a mirror check, fer real. Then he was saying that Chelsea looks like a pro to him – as if he’s qualified to know what pro dancing looks like. But then, he dances next to Marie 8 shows a week in Vegas – I bet Chelsea does look pretty good. 😀

Production Screw Up of the Week: the Camera work on Kirstie’s Samba Package

Heidi: Note to the producers – giving the camera to the field producer who shakes like he’s got DT’s is not a way to show that you are a high class operation. Dang, people, the shaking in the effort to get the shot made the whole thing nauseating. So, did someone have a hard night of partying? Undiagnosed Parkinson’s? What? Maybe an investment in a steadycam is a good idea.

Courtney: Looks like the B-squad of Muppet & primate camera operators are back in action in order to cut down the overhead costs…since they blew their budget on musical guests this past week.  I’m gonna blame Animal for this one – I bet he’s a huge Kirstie fan, and was excitedly chanting “SAMBA! SAMBA! SAMBA!” while trying to get the shot. 🙂

Brooke Burke DUH! Line of the Week: “Were you hoping for 9’s?” Said to Kirstie and Maks AFTER their package clearly stated they were hoping for Nines.

Heidi: Sorry, Brooke fans, my eyes rolled right out of my head. No Brooke, I’m sure they were hoping for fives or sixes. Jaysus. I blame the voices in her head – they can’t be too sharp either or she would have better questions to ask.

Courtney: DEET-DAH-DEE.  The problem with canned responses – they don’t work if the context changes.  So if Kirstie mentions something beforehand about wanting all 9’s, you better have a backup response planned, Brookie…hell, you can always use the uber-generic “So how did it feel to get out there and perform this week?” or even “Do you guys want some cheesecake?” 😉 Just make sure you only use the backup phrase once in a broadcast, lest you look like a complete nincompoop. 

The “Don’t Screw With Me, I can go to Videotape at Anytime” Award for Revenge is a Dish Best Served…NOW!! – Tom Bergeron, for cutting to video of Bruno in Elton’s Video right after Bruno gets WAY too carried away with Kendra, calling her a stripper and waving dollar bills at her, among other things.

Heidi: Bwahahaha….this was seriously priceless, and should teach Bruno to reign it in a bit, as the producers can cut to that video AT ANY TIME. Dude, you best be careful with what you call people – we’ve seen your attire. I especially loved the black swimsuit number that looked like something out of a gay porn movie.

Courtney: What the hell WAS that black thing? Looked vaguely like a diaper onesie…that the biker from Village People would have worn had he been incontinent.  Some of those dance moves were something else, too…vaguely seizure-ish.  Is this where Gaga gets her inspiration? Anywho, I doubt Kendra is gonna go anywhere near Bruno with a ten-foot pole after seeing that video…not that she would have beforehand, anyway.  As far as Bruno’s concerned…he’d prolly rather leave Kendra and just take the 10 foot pole 😉 ZING!!! Too much?

Heidi: Too much? Are you kidding? 😉

Tom Bergeron Line O’the Night: “Bruno said, after seeing his younger self, isn’t it a shame about gravity?” Honorable Mention: “It’s like having imaginary friends” said in reference to him reading his lines about the couples behind him and turning to see they weren’t there.

Heidi: Tommy was on a roll…and apparently Bruno displeased him at some point during the night, because he had a bullseye on his chest. 🙂 LOVED the line about gravity, but it was also especially hilarious to watch him on the results show turn to see no couples on the stage behind him. And turn again to find them still not there. And again…I think he turned around three times and none of the couples were ever there. It was hilarious. I expect to see a porn clip of the stage manager who caused this on next weeks show. 🙂 “Roll videotape!”

Courtney: Poor Tom.  First he was tasked with asking the uncomfortable “Mark & Pia” question, and then he had to stall for time when there were no couples behind him.  Luckily for us – Tom is a master time-filler 😉 And a master of putting judges on ego trips in their places.  He’s done it to Len and Bruno…the question is: will he have the cojones to dredge up footage of a topless Carrie Ann from her days as a bald pole-dancer on Madonna’s Girlie Show tour? Or how bout a clip from her turn as a *gasp* topless Vegas showgirl in Showgirls? And there’s always the footage of her playing naughty Japanese schoolgirl Fook Mi (or is it Fook Yu?) in the third Austin Powers movie.  If I were Carrie Ann, I’d be on my best behavior 😉

The “It’s the Charleston, I can’t help myself” Award for Out Dancing Your Partner: Mark Ballas

Heidi: Sweetie, we know you’re a pro. And your dance with Chelsea was actually good – until we got to the Charleston section where you just cut loose and out dance her. Calm it down a bit, would ya? Chelsea is a GOOD dancer, but when you out dance her like that it makes her look less talented than she is. The plus side is, of course, that one can make a GREAT drinking game out of the moments where you out dance her. Some nights, the result is a slight buzz, other nights result in severe alcohol poisoning. This was a “slight buzz” night, so all hope is not lost. 🙂

Courtney: Man…glad I didn’t try to play the Mark Ballas drinking game last season.  If I had, I’d probably be using this site to solicit a black-market liver donation 🙂 But man, Mark does seem to love the Charleston – or really any dance that gives him the excuse to do crazy legs and pull crazy faces.  And that section really did highlight the contrast between pro & celeb – poor Chelsea, god love her, was moving so gingerly, so as not to exacerbate Mark’s ankle injury; Mark was out there dancing like it was 1999 (I <3 Prince…another guilty pleasure ;-)).  I mean, I give the guy props for soldiering through his injury…but was it really necessary to go this balls-to-the-walls? He could have toned it down a bit and still had a great performance.

The Award for Saccharine Sweet Confessionals, Season 12: Hines and Kym

Heidi: I LIKE Saccharine Sweet!! Too much sugar makes me nauseous. 🙂 Seriously, since the beginning of the season Hines and Kym have been doing their own personal version of the end zone dance in the confessional and I keep meaning to mention how cute and endearing it is. Complete with “Whoop Whoop”s. 🙂 I think this is Hines getting it out of his system because he said his momma doesn’t like it when he does the real thing. 🙂 So cute.

Courtney: Methinks it’s only a matter of time before they’re doing the end zone dance…in the bedroom. 😉 HIYOOOO!

The Award for the Worst Unintended (I think) Innuendo in the History of the Show: Hines Ward for a comment SO bad that I can’t actually explain it here. 🙂

Heidi: Does anyone know what I’m talking about, or am I the only one with an extremely dirty mind?? I seriously can’t repeat it. I will just say that Hines was talking about singing in the shower, and his fans…and he uses a word that, well, puts the conversation in a very dirty context. Puts a whole different spin on…showers. The producers didn’t show it in his package with Kym, but it did slip through in one of those deals where they show clips of various celebs rehearsing right before they go to commercial. I watched it three times, because I couldn’t quite believe I heard it. I’m STILL wondering if I actually heard it. Help me. 🙂

Courtney: Oh no – you certainly weren’t all alone in that one.  Watching DWTS this week quickly went from PG to X-rated after I heard that one…and I’m not even sure the clean interpretation of what he said really makes sense.  Maybe Hines is lonely…he’s made it clear he wants to smooch on Kym, he got up close & personal with a pillow while practicing last week, and then there’s this phrase.  Sounds to me like homeboy needs some loving.  😉

The Blatant Honesty is the Best Comedy Award, Week 6: Kendra Wilkinson for her “My boobs aren’t what God gave me.”

Heidi: I have to give the girl props – her response to Louis was just priceless. I laughed out loud. Now, the jury is out on whether she was intentionally hilarious, or it was just a fortunate accident, but I will give her the benefit of the doubt. 🙂 This is one of those times that the lack of a filter paid off in a big way.

Courtney: I’m gonna go with “happy accident” on this one.  But one thing I have to credit Kendra with is not being ashamed of having some work done…there are women in the entertainment industry who are seen on a Monday with B-cups and then again on a Friday with D-cups (and no assistance from a bra, mind you)…and they swear up and down that they haven’t had implants.  Rigggght…you just had a growth spurt. A really fast one. At age 34. 🙂 Kendra, props to you for not denying your silicone friends. And for your verbal diarrhea actually paying the dividends this time 🙂

The TMI Award – Week 6: Chelsie Hightower for her “I have to pee” in the behind the scenes of the performance show.

Heidi: This was actually a cute exchange. Chelsie looks at the producer right before she and Romeo dance and says “I have to pee”. His response? “Now is really not a good time”. The part that struck me funniest was her “I’m aware of that” in response to him. LOL – but girl, why did you TELL him you had to pee if you knew there was nothing either you or he could do about it? Just a random observation you felt like you had to share? 🙂

Courtney: Court’s conspiracy theory: she had a sinking feeling that Romes was gonna pull something during their waltz (in this case, a kiss), and this was a last-ditch effort to get out of it.  Not that a delay while Chelsie peed would have stopped him – that boy seems like he’s head-over-heels for Chelsie and is bound & determined to win her affections.  Kinda cute – but kinda uncomfortable for Chelsie, obviously.  Lord knows I’ve made my fair share of dumb excuses in order to avoid spending time with guys who’s affections I didn’t always return…”Sorry dude, I’d love to go to dinner with you, but I’ve gotta clean the grout in my bathroom.”

The Inigo Montoya “Inconceivable” Award for Not Knowing what A Word Actually Means: Bristol Palin and “advice”

Heidi: So, Bristol’s advice to Chelsea? Make it to the final. Ummmm….how do we explain this word “advice” to Bristol? By saying that making it to the final is the RESULT of good advice, not the advice itself?? Like, “always have fun when dancing” or “bitch slap Mark when he over dances you” or “don’t talk about giving the middle finger to ‘haters'” is good advice?

Courtney: That advice is second in crappiness only to the ultimate in useless advice: “Win the MBT.” Makes me laugh that they even decided to have Bristol give her commentary, since she only made it to the final based on sympathy from the judges and some particularly passionate voters…as opposed to the dance skills of some of her fellow commentators.

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DWTS Season 12, Week 7 – Chelsea Kane And Mark Ballas On This Week’s Dances

ET Online interviewed Mark and Chelsea in rehearsals. Chelsea is seeing “a light at the end of the tunnel” and wants to “go all the way”. See a sneak peek of their dance (the Paso Doble) and what they say on their team dance too.

Mark has penned a new blog as well at USA Today. He is confident Chelsea will deliver a great performance tonight. He dishes a little on their team dance as well. More below and at the link.

Speaking of Chelsea, we’re moving right along in this competition. On Monday we dance pasodoble, which is the fiery dance of passion. Chelsea’s wowed us with her energy and great facial expressions this season, and now we get to see her serious side. We’re a close second in overall judges points, so hopefully we’ll shine this week. I’m very confident that Chels will deliver a great performance once again.

As expected, rehearsal has been a bit hectic this week. In addition to our pasodoble, we have a group dance. The hardest part of the group dance is to get in sync with the other teams and to make the dance tight. Everyone has different styles of learning and different rhythms and movement, so it’s a challenge to clean the dance up. The other team we’re against has the same hurdles though, and I like our chances.

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I'm a fashion and music fan....and I have always loved dancing too of any kind. Dancing With The Stars seems to have this way of bringing all of those things together. One of my favorite dancing quotes at the moment: "No matter what, nobody can take away the dance you've already had...." ~Gleb Savchenko . To view my photography site, see Lisa Kay Photography.

DWTS Week 7 – Kym Johnson: “We’re Putting Overtime In This Week”

TV Guide has a new interview up with Kym. She and Hines have been working tirelessly and having fun. For instance, Hines has even been dancing with a pillow this week which you can read about at the link. Below, you can read more on tonight’s Tango (I have a feeling this dance will be right up his alley and in a big way!). More below on their team Dance as well.

How’s the tango coming along?
Kym Johnson: Well, we’re putting in overtime this week. I feel like the competition has really kicked in now. I love the tango. I think Hines will be great at it. He’s such a natural dancer. I’m so lucky! He’s so easy to teach. [On Wednesday] we had a six-hour rehearsal and he got all the steps down. After that, it’s just about polishing it and working on the technique. In the tango, we really have to focus on the posture and his knees because the tango’s really flat. He just really has to get into the character of the tango. In our paso doble, we did really well. He sort of channeled the football player in him, so he has to do that for the tango as well.

Are you guys going for a theme or a story of any kind?
Johnson: We were going to, but this week, we have some of the ballroom greats — legends of ballroom dancing — coming in to watch our rehearsals and we’ll have a guest judge. So we’re focusing on making this week more about the dancing and being very technical and more traditional. We’re not going with any gimmicks or story. American Week, Guilty Pleasure Week — they’ve been really, really fun. I enjoyed that and telling a story through the dances, but we’re not doing that this week.

You guys also have the team dances. Are you excited you get to do the cha-cha again?
Johnson: Yes! I’m really excited. That was [our first dance], which seems like a lifetime ago now. It’ll be nice to revisit the cha-cha. It’s really fun doing the team dance. It brings everyone closer and it’s fun working with the other celebrities and pros. We have Kirstie [Alley] and Kendra [Wilkinson], so our team is very good at shaking their butts — we’re going to focus on that. We’re Team Booty-Shakers! … We don’t have a name yet, but I’m going to suggest that one!

This is the first week with two dances. How has Hines been handling it?
Johnson: He’s really been great with it. He always steps up to the challenge. It’s hard, but he’s getting there with it. Athletes definitely know how to handle the pressure and he’s great with dealing with the pressure. I’m not too worried about him, honestly.

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I'm a fashion and music fan....and I have always loved dancing too of any kind. Dancing With The Stars seems to have this way of bringing all of those things together. One of my favorite dancing quotes at the moment: "No matter what, nobody can take away the dance you've already had...." ~Gleb Savchenko . To view my photography site, see Lisa Kay Photography.