Maksim Chmerkovskiy Dishes On Birthday Bash, His Friends, Family, DWTS, and More

If you haven’t noticed at twitter, promotion for Maks 32nd birthday bash in New York City is in full gear. In light of the event which is only a couple of weeks away, Maks did an interview with Kaptur. Maks dishes on everything from Dancing With The Stars, teaching Dance, the surprise guests and more details on his birthday bash (for what he knows and doesn’t know, lol), his friends and family, and yes, his dog Sir Sleep as well. Excellent interview!! Here is just a little take, but, be sure to read the full interview at Kaptur which is well worth the read.

We had to ask Maks: Where does he get his energy?
“I have to admit, this past year has been intense,” says Maks. “Between choreographing, performing on Dancing With the Stars, launching my jewelry line, writing my blog, teaching dance seminars, planning our June Summer Invitational Showcase, working abroad and now planning the upcoming Birthday Showcase, I really haven’t had much time to relax. It was a very action packed year. But there’s two really important things to keep in mind. One, I have amazing business partners and teams around me. I really couldn’t do it all by myself. Two, I was taught to give your all to what you do and to make the most of what opportunities the world gives you. So I do my best to try to do that. Most people who know me know that I work hard and play hard. I always try to fit it all in. But I won’t lie, it felt really good to get away over the holiday break. I closed out 2011 by letting things slow down just a little bit—but not too much,” he laughs.

One thing he will not cut out of his schedule, however, is teaching. What is it about teaching that Maks seems to enjoy?
“Teaching has always just been a part of who I am,” says Maks. “Even as we were developing the Birthday Ballroom Bash story, it really hit home how much teaching is such a huge part of my life. Starting with the Rising Stars Dance Academy, I guess I’ve always enjoyed helping shape and grow others. I taught Val since he was half my size, maybe even smaller. And I have always taken pride in his success because I know just how hard he worked to succeed. I’d been there with Val each step of the way. Don’t get me wrong, Val is successful in his own right. He earned everything he has worked hard for. We’re all proud of him. But it just feels good for me knowing that maybe I helped him become a little stronger. I’ve done the same for Teddy and Nicole Volynets as well as Kiki Nyemchek and about 20 others, who are all like my own little brothers and sisters, my own family. There’s something amazing about helping others and watching them grow up. It feels good to say in some way maybe big or maybe small, that you helped someone else. Through dance, I’ve been able to do that.”

Mak’s Birthday Bash celebration takes place on January 27th. For ticket information on how you can attend, visit Dance With Me Studios.