DWTS Season 14 March 22nd Las Vegas Odds After The First Dance

As always, what a difference the Las Vegas Odds can make after that first dance on Dancing With The Stars. Below is how the Las Vegas Odds are going down currently at Vegas Odds On. Note how the odds makers are still putting William Levy in first and Gavin and Martina in last. Compared to last weeks odds, there has been a total shake up in the middle.

William Levy 7/2
Jaleel White 11/4
Donald Driver 4/1
Maria Menounos 13/2
Katherine Jenkins 15/2
Roshon Fegan 8/1
Jack Wagner 15/1
Gladys Knight 15/1
Melissa Gilbert 18/1
Sherri Shepherd 20/1
Gavin DeGraw 35/1
Martina Navratilova 50/1

So, do the odds makers have it right this time? I was shocked to see Donald so high and Sherri so low (not that I have an issue with it? 🙂 )? Let’s get Heidi and Court’s thoughts….

Heidi: Well, of course they’ll leave William up there, cuz going by the screams in the audience he’s a shoe in to win right? Ummm….no. The odds makers have NEVER understood how this show works, have never taken the time to figure it out, and consistently show week after week, season after season, that they are willing to drastically change rankings every week after being proven wrong the week before. 🙂 They really should hire me, Court or Marianya to do this odds crap for them. 🙂 We would be right far more often than they could ever hope for. Ah well, they do provide additional fodder every week for us to poke fun at.

Courtney: Reading through these odds, it’s as if these oddsmakers just trolled the internet, reading various reviews of Monday’s show, and then somehow combined them into some weird, non-cohesive odds that neither make them look like geniuses nor complete idiots.  Of course they’re buying into the William hype, since the judges all seemed to temporarily grow va-jay-jays when they scored him – plus the oddsmakers picked William to win before the season started, and I doubt they’d back down from that opinion so soon, lest they look a bit silly.  They honestly think Donald has a better chance than Jaleel at this point??? Don’t get me wrong, Donald has potential, but there was a good 5-point difference between the two, and Jaleel’s technique is already miles ahead of pretty much everyone except Katherine, while Donald is…flaily. 🙂 The one that really baffles me is Melissa having better odds than Sherri – meek, awkward dancer with debatable fanbase vs. a big personality with daily exposure that can actually dance pretty well? Might wanna rethink that one, guys.  Maria over Katherine? Not if the judges keep handicapping the latter.  Martina & Gavin at the bottom, I agree with – but I don’t think their odds should be THAT low.  Maybe 25-1 for Gavin and 40-1 for Martina. The only one I think they got spot-on was Roshon – the odds seem about right, and he’s at about the right position in the pack.  Now the real test will be next week, when the Latin golden boy has to do a ballroom dance…should be interesting to see if he maintains his lead in the odds, or falls 😉