Dancing With The Stars Season 14 Las Vegas Odds For March 29th

I’m off on a road trip today, but, I wanted to get some Las Vegas Odds up before I go for Dancing With The Stars leading up into week 3. Once again, what a difference the odds can make after another week of dances. Last week, the odds makers pegged it for Martina (sadly). They continue to put William Levy in first place and now Gavin DeGraw is in last place (no shocker there). Gladys Knight, Sherri Shepherd, Jack Wagner, and Melissa Gilbert aren’t too far behind. There has been a little switching around in the middle.

William Levy 2/1
Donald Driver 4/1
Katherine Jenkins 4/1
Jaleel White 9/2
Roshon Fegan 8/1
Maria Menounos 8/1
Melissa Gilbert 20/1
Jack Wagner 25/1
Sherri Shepherd 30/1
Gladys Knight 30/1
Gavin DeGraw 50/1

I’m still shocked they keep putting Sherri so low. I think they are underestimating Gladys’ fan base too (as well as Tristan’s). I also think it’s a mistake not to put Maria and Roshon higher? Let’s get Heidi and Court’s thoughts and be sure to tell us your thoughts too in the comments section.

Heidi: A different week, a similar story.  Really, think about this. If the hard core fans are getting ticked off at the pimping of William and their favorite gets voted off, what do you think they’re going to do? I’ll tell you what I’ll do and and that is vote like HELL for whoever is left that is better than William, be it Katherine or Jaleel or whoever.  Now, this likely plays into the TPTB plans…I’m sure they get revenue from the hits…the only reason William is being pimped is for ratings (which have fallen by 30% over last spring, but that’s a different post) and I’m a firm believer in them not caring who wins as long as the supposed ratings grabbers go a long way.  But I have to wonder…is he really a ratings grabber or is that totally manufactured by them without them realizing it??  They are so involved in the pimping that maybe the audience is leading them to believe it’s working.  I’ve been in studio audiences before and people get warmed up and jazzed up and encouraged to scream, yell and applaud.  So, I wonder.  I wonder if it’s translating to votes, because the way they are acting, I kinda doubt it.  But we’ll see – you don’t need votes if the judges have their heads up your ass. 🙂  Just ask Bristol Palin.

Courtney: The odds irritate me…and like will continue to do so, until the pimping of William ceases or he’s voted off.  I don’t for a minute see him with odds that good to win the MBT – even WITH the ridiculous pimping going on.  The fans have already caught on to that nonsense, and seem to also be getting kinda fed up with it.  This will reach a point when it backfires – and by that point, it won’t matter if William’s a legitimately good dancer or not. But whatever, oddsmakers, go ahead and buy into the artificially-created hype…for now.  I’m still puzzled as to how they’re getting such high odds for Donald – don’t get me wrong, I love the guy and I think he could be a dark horse later this season; but so far, just 2 weeks in, I haven’t seen anything big that has made me think “Wow, this guy is headed straight to the finale!” He’s trying hard, but he’s not at “contender” status yet…at least for me.  *sigh* And apparently Jack’s not only not getting any love from the judges, but now the oddsmakers, too  – really??? Melissa’s got a better chance than Jack? Not so sure about that one…then again, if the judges continue to give him a hard time, I could see it happening.  Beyond that, I guess I kinda sorta agree with the rest of the odds…guess I’m already getting a bit “whatever” at  them, and it’s not even week 3 yet 😛

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