DWTS Season 15 All Stars….Bristol Palin???

In Ted Casablanca’s source’s world, yes. In my world, no. Ted incited a minor riot on Twitter with this little gem:

It’s roughly seven weeks until the first rehearsals, assuming the September 24 start date rumor is for real. I would have to go back and look, but I don’t think we got legit-sounding rumors until 3 weeks or so before rehearsals the last couple seasons.

So, as I told my friends on Twitter, it is much too early for legitimate cast leaks coming out of DWTS. Of course, that said, this isn’t a normal season, is it? While I’m still inclined to think Ted’s got it wrong, you do have to admit that some things may not follow normal patterns this season. So….real or not real? I think that Bristol would do it in a heart beat. Despite her claims of missing her beloved Alaska and acting oh so superior to all those low class Hollywood types, she’s hardly been shunning the spotlight, what with her lawsuit causing reality show and all. So sure, Bristol would do it. But have they actually signed her or did they just talk to her? I would bet the latter – it’s all stars, they are probably talking to everyone. But I think they will wait to sign the tops of their list before going for people like Bristol. After all, the Palin stock has dropped rather precipitously since she was last on the show. I don’t think she’s a big “get” any longer.

Of course, I’m a reasonably rational person who actually watches the news. The same may not be said for Conrad Green and his crew. πŸ™‚ Who knows how in touch they are…or how desperate.