Ballroom With A Twist Reveiw, New Photo of DWTS Tristan MacManus And Anna Trebunskaya

If you visit Cape Cod Online, you can read a mixed review on the current run of Ballroom With A Twist. I kind of wonder of this person is a dancing fan for the way it reads. However, there are some positive mentions too and a cool new pic of Dancing With The Stars Tristan MacManus And Anna Trebunskaya. Below is a take from the link of the review….

Technically, the dancers — including members and alumni of the shows “Dancing With the Stars” and “So You Think You Can Dance” — are fantastic, with spot-on footwork and lithe bodies that challenge your idea of just how far one can push the skeletal system.

And their adagio work is something to behold — graceful but just a tad dangerous-looking, with those swooping drops that make your heart do the same.

Especially powerful, performing a nontraditional but gorgeous combination of break dancing, ballet and who-knows-what, are “So You Think You Can Dance” alums Randi Lynn Strong, Jonathan Platero and Legacy (yes, that’s how he’s billed).

But missing between many couples is chemistry, a thing deeply ingrained in professional ballroom dancing but which has, with the partner-switching of today’s reality dancing TV shows, been replaced with showmanship.

For Tristan MacManus of “Dancing With the Stars,” that’s a successful transition — he’s witty and charming during his “Donny and Marie”-style segments with fellow DWTS professional Anna Trebunskaya. “American Idol” alums Gina Glocksen and Von Smith also do a good job with their between-dance performances, giving a bit of flow to the show.

Though she’s clearly the belle of the ball(room), Trebunskaya struggles with her host duties, appearing a bit wooden.

For more, go to Cape Cod Online.

EXTRA: If you go to this link at facebook, you can see Tristan dancing with Peta Murgatroyd at Park Lane’s Chicago Convention last Saturday. Tristan, as always, dances like a Prince. Peta looks beautiful too.

UPDATE: You can view more new photos of Anna and Tristan at Ballroom With A Twist Official Facebook. So passionate All!. Be sure you see them.