PureDWTS Ballroom With A Twist Review, Derek Hough Attends Cosmopolitan Summer Bash

Hey All! Don’t miss heading over to Pure Derek Hough when you get a moment. Last night, Dancing With The Stars pro Derek Hough attended the Cosmopolitan Summer Bash at the Palihouse in West Hollywood, California. Derek wore the cutest pair of jeans and a light gray knit sweater layered over a white T. Such a Doll as always.

Also, Pure Derek Hough has several new fan reviews and pictures covering Derek’s dancing in “Ballroom With A Twist” from this past week. Peta Murgratroyd, Tristan MacManus, and Anna Trebunskaya all received raving reviews as well. So, be sure to take them in as well.

PureDWTS reader DW also attended one of the “Ballroom With A Twist” shows. Below is what DW reports to us…..

I attended the North Shore Music Theater performance and wanted to add a few personal impressions: I thought Tristan was hilarious as an emcee and that he, Anna & Peta are even more gorgeous in person than on TV if that is even possible. T&A’s dancing was exquisite and magical and a major treat in and of itself. They were fabulous together, and Tristan, Peta, Derek and Anna, when they danced a quartet number, were vastly superior to the troupe dancers, (which, by the way, unless I am mistaken, included Oksana from the DWTS troupe and her hair and her dancing were a hot mess. But, it might’ve been because she was in pain: she had an ace bandage on her ankle). When Tristan introduced Peta, the audience clapped enthusiastically, but when he introduced “a wee blonde guy you may know” the audience erupted and went crazy!!! Many have said it before, but Derek is even more stunning in person than on TV. I think, besides his undeniable physical beauty, it is his mind-blowing charisma, intensity, energy and light that he projects to the audience; I was just mesmerized and glued to his every move. Coupled with his unmatchable perfect dancing and his genuine humanity, warmth and kindness toward his fans (especially the little Down’s Syndrome girl, who, when he was hugging her gave a “thumbs up” behind his back to the crowd!), and you have someone really, uniquely, one-of-a-kind special. His voice was a little scratchy and I was worried he would have to cancel, but he was a warrior and persevered. I’ve been a fan since he started on DWTS, but to experience him as a humorist and dancer in person was amazing and it had the effect of making me very happy. Hard to explain why, really, but true. I suspect he has that effect on a lot of people. I have to give thumbs up also to the singers from AI and the dancers from SYTYCD who were just fabulous. The only disappointment was that Derek, Tristan, Peta,and Anna didn’t dance nearly long enough and that the troupe was the core of the show, with the AI, DWTS and SYTYCD stars as the icing on the cake. The troupe was OK, but over-danced, over-performed and could not even touch the excellence of D/T/P/A, and I felt I had seen way too much of them. I’m so thrilled that I got to see this show and the memories will last me a long time! Thank you Derek and all for a wonderful evening!

Thanks DW! What a fun and busy week it’s been for our Pros!!