Exclusive PureDWTS “Dancing Pros Live” Report: Review, Photos, Backstage Information, And Lots More

Below is a report from the “Dancing Pros Live” shows this past week! I hope you enjoy!! You can click on any of the pics to see them in a bigger size (sometimes you have to click it on the next page too. sometimes you have to click the arrows in the gallery a few times too depending on your computer). If you want more, let me know. Be sure to see this fun and exciting show! I can’t stress this enough!!! Tickets and Cast information HERE!

DANCING PROS LIVE Report and Review:: “You will be touched, you will smile, you will laugh….and you will also “Oooo” and “Awwww”

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Wow, what a week it’s been….and a magical one at that! I was so blessed to see “Dancing Pro Live” in Cheyenne, Wyoming and then in Denver, Colorado. I am so glad I saw both shows because each had different dances and mixed things up. That’s why I think it always pays to go more than once to a dance show if you can because you never know what’s going to happen and such is true for Dancing Pros Live.

I was struck immediately with the fabulous “state of the art” light show. It set the tone for the whole show for what was to come…..a show of professionalism, high entertainment, royalty, and class. Also, with the additional times of the stage smoking and steaming combined with the lights, it made one feel as if time had stood still. It made you feel as if you were in a dream.

I can’t rave enough about all the dancers and cast. They were carefully selected with a fun mix of personalities. For instance:

-Edyta Sliwinska and Alec Mazo couldn’t have been more elegant, flawless, powerful, gorgeous, sexy, classy, and romantic as everything they are known for. Edyta is a Princess and she is as limber as the day when she was on Dancing With The Stars. They took my breath away and left me spellbound like always. True Dancing With The Stars Legends!

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-Benji Schwimmer and Torri Smith’s choreography couldn’t have been more entertaining, dynamic, clever, show stopping, and fun for all of their numbers. Benji beats to a different drummer. He’s phenomenal. So much so, I would love to see him be a Pro on Dancing With The Stars now.

-Chelsie Hightower and Dmitry Demidov had wistful, beautiful and athletic routines. Their extension and lines were so beautiful. Every time Chelsie came on stage, she would light it up just like on Dancing With The Stars. She was like a “ray of light”.

– Paul Barris and Regina Maziarz were cool, sleek, strong and collected …and yet full of endless, fancy tricks and lifts and spins.

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More in a bit on the dances and dancers. For now, huge props to ALL of the costumes. As you can see, they were just beautiful. With every set, they took my breath away with the colors and detail. Edyta has always had a gift in this area as well and this show was full of her mark in that way too.

And then there were the Judges! Karina Smirnoff and Oscar Orosco were the judges in Cheyenne! They offered the perfect advise for each couple. They were full of non-stop humor too. So much so, either one could judge Dancing With The Stars in a heart beat. The second night, Chelsie replaced Oscar as the judge since she sprained/twisted her ankle at the end of the Cheyenne show. She was so sweet and caring as a judge. After the show we chatted with her a little on her injury (more on that as you read on).

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Back to Oscar! He also danced through out the show. He was absolutely incredible. I can see why he has worked with greats such as Michael Jackson. He’s powerful out there and full of expression.

Karina didn’t stop at judging. She also danced a fiery Tango. As always, she absolutely owned the stage with her powerful flair and beauty. She was in an element of her own and you felt this strong presence when she entered the stage. So much so, when the dance was over, my husband said, “Who was THAT?”

DancingProsLive 1592

I can’t go on enough about host Alan Thicke as well. His jokes and cracks were the best. There was never a dull moment when he was doing his “thing”. Just like Tom Bergeron, he has a gift. At one point in both shows, Karina asked the audience what they thought of him doing Dancing With The Stars and everyone raved on the idea and clapped. Though I’m not sure if he was too keen on the idea as he said he had “growing pains” (Ha!Ha!Ha!). Edyta joined him as a Host at times too. I loved hearing her talk with her beautiful Polish accent.

Huge props to singer Angel Taylor as well!! My goodness!! That girl has some deep pipes and she’s made me a fan.

I have to rave about So You Think You Can Dance’s Benji Schwimmer again! He had this unexplainable energy, fire, and intensity. He executes lot’s of fun and talks and yells to the audience…and right to the very end of the show too as he literally fell down on the ground as the curtain fell at the Cheyenne show. I didn’t want the show to end.

DancingProsLive 836

More Dancer and Dance Highlights:
From the Tango, to the Rumba, to the Jitterbug, to the Waltz, to the Fox trot, to the Contemporary and Freestyle dances, this show had them all. There was something for everyone to enjoy and the choreography was off the hook, but, I have to say I was really touched during the Michael Jackson section. During that section of the show (and being I’m a big fan), I wondered how Michael would feel knowing he still has so much influence on people and how warmed he’d be to know that dancers and shows like this continue to tribute him.

Paul and Regina’s Michael Jackson Tango Freestyle. It was full of such cool tricks. Paul has this cool, intense, and serious way. Regina is fearless. I couldn’t believe the amount of trust she has in Paul to pull off some of the tricks they did in their dances.

DancingProsLive 333

Alec and Edyta’s Paso Doble (seen above in pictures)! It was powerful, passionate, sexy, and so romantic. Same with their Rumba (seen below). There was so much tenderness and a gentleness between them. I can never get enough of these two. It was so cool seeing them dancing again with such strength and passion. I was reminded quickly why I fell in love with Dancing With The Stars in the very beginning watching them.

DancingProsLive 3024

DancingProsLive 3067

Benji and Torri’s Contemporary dance. It was so cleverly done, full of expression, cool spins and flips turning over and over on each other’s body. It was show stopping. Same with their Freestyle dance. I could go on and on for the talent in these two.

DancingProsLive 2076

Dmitry Demidov’s and Chelsie’s Waltz. They threw in such cool tricks. In places it felt like a Rumba…..and to think, their waltz was only put together in a day. It was so sexy and one of the most beautiful dances I’ve seen Chelsie dance. She was radiating out there and all through out show.

Tal Livshitz and Ilana Keselman! My goodness, what a powerful and passionate team. Their Paso Doble was dark and full of force. I couldn’t stop watching them. This dance had an Adams Family vibe and with so much force. Can you tell?

DancingProsLive 567

Denys Drozdyuk and Antonina Skobina: Their contemporary piece was so sweet and full of emotion. They are in a deeper place. These two are in love and have been together for 4 years and you can tell in their dancing. It was addicting to watch.

Some backstage tidbits:

-I was so blessed to meet up with Edyta and Karina after the show in Denver (and Chelsie too. More on that in a sec). They couldn’t be more beautiful, sweet, kind, humble and thankful people. Edyta told us more on the production and how the show came to be. It all started in Niagara Falls with Alec and Edyta’s “Dance Temptation” show. The idea of the audience voting was born and everything evolved into “Dancing Pros Live” and the rest is history.

DancingProsLive 622

-Edyta also talked on her vision and what she wanted for the show (this was fascinating). She also talked of how they switch dancers and dances to keep things fresh and in case of any issues (such as when Chelsie couldn’t dance in Denver and they had to bring in different dancers all the way from Europe in a day’s time). Also, we talked on the elaborate planning in the production (set designing, themes, etc) for the show and how it takes atleast 3 months to put together and then comes learning the dances, finding dancers all over the world, etc.

– We also asked Edyta on how grueling the tour must be at times and how do they do it? She said this (as Dancers) is what they do. Taking good care of themselves is important…. good rest, sleep, and eating right. With having a baby along, it can make it challenging at times, but, they love it all and the luxury of their buses and spending the night in hotels when they can.

-We also talked about Dancing With The Stars. Edyta was thinking of coming back for Season 19, but, it didn’t work out. She doesn’t think she’s coming back as a Pro for Season 20 because of her family commitments, but, she may be open to performing for something special. We have to wait and see. I got the feeling she has been in talks with the Producers these past few seasons.

DancingProsLive 413

-I still think something might be in the works for Karina coming back to Dancing With The Stars despite some reports for what she said in the Question and Answer after the show (I didn’t hear exactly what she said as I was late for this part of it as I was talking to one of the managers at the time), but, I asked her backstage on Russell Wilson and if she would dance with him and she said we’d have to wait and see what happened in the Super bowl. Take if for what you will.

-Karina and Edyta have this chemistry I can’t explain. When I started taking pics backstage, I let the camera roll and they treated it like a fashion shoot posing (as you can imagine I was in heaven with that). LOL! I was laughing so much at them, I couldn’t hold still. What a precious moment I won’t forget. Both women make you feel as if you’ve known them all of your life.

DancingProsLive 3773

-Chelsie was such a sweetheart. She stopped by to chat as well. We talked on her injury and how she was hoping to dance again in the show on Wednesday. What a little fireball and tough. It was so cute watching Edyta hug and taking care of her (as she must for her whole cast and family). Chelsie also talked of how quickly they can put dances together as they are always thinking and dreaming up dances every day.

-Will Dancing Pros Live return for another season after this season is over? Yes! Edyta told us to watch for new “bookings” soon.

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Ending thoughts: Don’t miss seeing this show. You’ll feel it all. You will see it all!!! What I noticed the most about this show is how professional and detailed it is. Yes, the audience gets to vote for the best couple competing in the show and that part is a kick. However, the show is also filled with lots of production and pro numbers. All together, this show explores the technicalities and every inch of all of the dances styles. They also showcase dance champions from the world over and their cultures. There is so much thought and detail put into it all from the light show to all of beautiful costumes too…..and it was entertaining and fun. Edyta, Alec, and the cast and producers have done their homework in making sure this show is the tops. Talk about class and all of the above…this is Dancing Pros Live!!! I strongly recommend this show. For tickets and more information on this show and the entire cast (and those cast members who weren’t at the shows I saw), see Dancing Pros Live. A MUST SEE! I can’t stop raving!

Thank Yous:
From the entire staff at PureDWTS (John – Admin, Heidi, Courtney, Lori, Lois, and myself), thank you to Edyta! Girl, you know what for! You are indeed a “Princess” and a “Legend” in more ways than one! Thanks for all of your time and your warm heart! Thank you for caring, for all of your generosity, love, and love for this site and everyone you know.

Karina, thanks for everything you said on us too and your warmth, fun spirit, and charm! You are truly a Doll and so sweet!!

To Chelsie! Despite your injury, you still stopped by to talk with us. This said a lot about you as a person and a dancer. Thank you so much. John wants to marry you and Edyta. LOL! Seriously, thank you and please heal up soon.

I also want to thank Edyta’s Management and the Buell Theatre in Denver for being so accommodating and making my husband and I feel so welcomed! Emily (my “Go” Girl), Heidi, Chris, Max, Sabina and Cirby… YOU ROCK IT! THANK YOU for everything!!!

To the Cheyenne Civic Center!! I’ll never forget that I saw “Dancing Pros Live” first at your theatre!!! Thanks for your generosity!

Lots more photos below. Enjoy! Thanks Everyone for reading!! xxx