PureDWTS Season 24 – Kaitlyn Bristowe Goes On Twitter Rant, Claims She Was Told She “Wasn’t Allowed” to do DWTS

Not a casting rumor, but I found this interesting enough to be considered relevant to the current season.  Since I’m assuming Kaitlyn just found out that Nick Viall was confirmed to be a part of this season’s cast, I’m assuming what follows in in response…

So, in light of some conversations Heidi & I have been having recently about the subtle sexism we’ve seen on DWTS, I find this exchange quite interesting.  Granted, it was the creator of The Bachelor that allegedly told Kaitlyn she couldn’t do DWTS, but it still makes me wonder if DWTS has even bothered to reach out to any former Bachelorettes to extend an offer. Including Nick, we’ve now had FOUR former Bachelors on the show (Jake Pavelka, Sean Lowe, & Chris Soules being the other three), and only 1.5 Bachelorettes (Trista Sutter & Melissa Rycroft, who wasn’t even a Bachelorette – and she was a last-minute casting to replace Nancy O’Dell).  Even if it was a timing issue (Bachelorette tapes in the spring to air in the summer, Bachelor tapes in the summer to air in the fall) it still seems odd that they’ve never booked a Bachelorette on the fall season, when there wouldn’t be a conflict.

But really, if this is true, the reasoning Fleiss gave really chaps my ass – especially when you consider that Jake and Nick, in particular, were totally looking to extend their 15 minutes of fame by doing DWTS, and made no secret about it. I think it may have been more of a monetary thing for Sean & Chris, but still – they answered the call. I’m sure this dude will deny & deflect that the conversation ever happened, but I’d really love to hear his explanation for why it’s ok for Bachelors to “get famous off his show” and not Bachelorettes.  All ears, baby 😎

UPDATE: So Fleiss decided to fan the flames by tweeting about Nick on DWTS…and got a well-deserved beating on Twitter. Keep those tweets coming, sisters. 😎 Will be interested to see if he ever addresses Kaitlyn’s claims…to quote my friend @KristynBurtt, “his silence is deafening”. -Court-

UPDATE #2: My god, this just gets better and better 😛 Fleiss’ finally replied to all the flak he was getting with a lame tweet about how Melissa won All-Stars and “how quickly they forget” – as if that somehow made up for this disparity in the number of Bachelors vs. Bachelorette’s that have done DWTS.  Hey Fleiss, by your logic, then, we shouldn’t need to elect any more black Presidents – cause one has already won, y’know? Anywho, then poor Trista (who I admittedly forgot, since season 1 seemed like an eternity ago, and she was the first eliminated) jumped into the fray, reminding Fleiss that she was on the show, too…which Fleiss then gave a bit of a condescending reply to.  Then he finally tried to smooth everything over by saying he’d be totally supportive of Kaitlyn doing DWTS…to which Kaitlyn got the final word, and took a well-deserved jab at Fleiss’ questionable use of the word “historical”. One has to wonder if we’ll suddenly see a Bachelorette on a future season of DWTS, as a result of this brouhaha…-Court-