DWTS Season 28, Week 2 – Dancing by the Numbers Roundup

I have a little bit of time between the end of my vacation and the start of week 3 tonight to do a bit of a round up on what happened with the numbers this week. Now, the surprising thing isn’t really S@$n, but Lamar. S@$n was given some very simple choreo by Lindsay, who happens to be something of a genius, and he didn’t totally screw it up. Is he a good dancer? No, he’s not. He couldn’t even raise more than $3,800 bucks for his lime week one shirt. :::shrug::: But he didn’t make any glaring mistakes. Simple is the key with him. Anyway, much more surprising is Lamar, especially considering S@$n’s score for night two. Check out the vote totals:

Lamar was a solid five points below S@$n when both dances were done and much farther below both Ray and Mary. S@$n was only two points down from Ray and 4 points down from Mary – not nearly the lift that Lamar had to do. Because of S@$n’s score on night two, what was a 5k vote gap became much larger for Lamar. Check it out.

For Lamar to be safe, he did all of the following:

  • He may or may not have gotten 12k more votes per million votes cast than S@$n, AND;
  • He got 16,900 more votes per million votes cast than Ray, AND;
  • He got 21,700 more votes per million votes cast than Mary.

For the rest of the contestants we don’t really know how he did. We’re not sure if he did better than S@$n because both men were safe. Those votes are no joke – and Lamar has had issues in the past, so the fact that he got those votes is doubly surprising. As for S@$n, he didn’t have to work nearly so hard and his safety is no surprise at all, when you look at the numbers.

Seriously, he needed less than 5k votes per million votes cast to be safe over Ray and less then 9.7k to be safe over Mary. Not such a big deal.  Will it continue? Stay tuned, we will see. And I will be voting for his main competition, in addition to my favorites. But if the judges screw the pooch like they did last week, I may just throw in the towel. The whole POINT of having the judges make the final decision was theoretically because they have more sense than the audience (looking at you, season 17) – now I’m not so sure that’s the case.