DWTS Season 9 Partner Prognostications – The Men

This one is a bit easier because we have solid info on three of the men.  Well, as solid as you can get from the net. 🙂

  • Ashley Hamilton has Edyta, according to his father
  • Donny Osmond has Kym Johnson, according to a tweet from his son
  • Tom Delay has Cheryl Burke – can’t confirm this one myself, read it on the net

I lied – it’s not easier. That leaves us with five stars that need pros.  Below is my rationale – I’ll update as we find more info.  I have to confess that a few of these make no sense to me because we have some really tall celebs with the remaining pros who…aren’t.

  • Chuck Liddell with Anna Demidova – Chuck is 6’2″ and Anna D, at 5’10” is the tallest pro
  • Aaron Carter with Karina – based soley on his “I love curly hair” comment on Twitter. She was very curly last I saw. UPDATE: Aaron and Karina have been confirmed partners
  • Louie Vito with Chelsie Hightower – shortest celeb at 5’5″ with the shortest pro at 5’2″
  • Mark Decascos with Lacey – Next shortest male celeb with the next shortest pro
  • And that leaves Michael Irvin… and a female pro that I’m not sure of. Is Anna Trebunskaya back??  If it’s someone else and they are taller, that would be helpful to know. 🙂

No clue if these are right – didn’t make sense as I was working on it.