DWTS, Season 11, Week 7 – Media Pump Ups Before The Show

Hi All!! Are you ready for tonight like I am? I’m still at a loss how this team competition will take place this week but I’m excited to see what they are planning. 🙂 Here are some takes from a cool interview with Kristi Yamaguchi from TV Guide giving us some insight for what is to come for her team. Be sure to read more at the link.

TVGuide.com: How’d you pick your team? I’m assuming you chose Mark.
Yamaguchi: Yes! We alternated with picks. Apolo won the coin toss, so he picked first and he picked Jennifer [Grey]. Then I knew I wanted Mark and Bristol [Palin], so I picked them. Apolo then picked Brandy and Maks [Chmerkovskiy]. I thought Rick [Fox] and Cheryl [Burke] had been doing great all season long, so they were my next pick. And then Apolo picked Kurt [Warner], and I got Kyle [Massey]. I love Kyle. He’s such a great performer and I think that’s going to bring a lot to the table, especially in the group dance.

TVGuide.com: What does your job as team captain entail?Yamaguchi: well, no choreography! I’m trying to inspire and motivate them, like “This is what Mark and I was thinking during our dance and that’s what inspired us, so hopefully you can channel that as well and go for it.” And hopefully just bringing out the best of what each other them has.

TVGuide.com: What advice have you given them?
Yamaguchi: Of course for Bristol, it’s, “Hey, you’ve got it! Be confident!” I want to see her break out of her shell and come out and just dance and enjoy it. She needs to let go, which is something I had to learn on the show, so I can identify with that. Kyle — I just want him to have fun and bring the house down. Rick — the cha-cha is a flirty and sexy dance, and I think he can bring all those elements. We’ve got a great song. It’s high-energy and it’s got attitude, and that’s what I want from them.

TVGuide.com: Do you think the cha-cha is a good choice?
Yamaguchi: Definitely! I loved it when I did it! It was probably one of my favorite dances. It’s a fun dance and it’s all about performance, so I think it’s perfect for a group dance. I think our goal is just selling it. Technique will be there. Most of them have done the cha-cha. Kyle and Bristol have and they were great. We want to get the fan votes. We’re the underdogs. We’ve been calling ourselves the underdog team, so we want to do get out there, bring some attitude, and do something entertaining and fun.

TVGuide.com: What do you think of the season so far?
Yamaguchi: Season’s been good. There have been some ups and downs, so it’ll be interesting to see who’s going to bring it each week. It’s still kind of up in the air with who the finalists will be. I don’t know if I was shocked, but surprised that Audrina [Patridge] left. She was in second place in the scores. It’s tough. There are so many factors that go into it that it’s hard to predict.

As many of you have noticed, Jamie Lee Curtis has been a big fan to the show this year and giving her friend, Jennifer Grey, much support in the audience. Here is what she told Access Hollywood in a new interview. Note for what she says on the Judges comments last week and her feelings.

Although she may dislike wearing polyester costumes, the “You Again” star certainly enjoys watching them waltz across the dance floor – the actress has become a staple at the “Dancing with the Stars” stage.

“I’m so into [‘Dancing with the Stars’],” Jamie Lee raved. “It’s crazy town! I’m completely into it. I’m completely into it!”

As previously reported on AccessHollywood.com, Jamie Lee got hooked on the ABC dancing competition while showing support for her friend, actress and Season 11 “Dancing” contender, Jennifer Grey.

“The idea of a couple of my friends sitting there with me every week would make me feel a lot better,” Jamie Lee told Access. “I’m happy to be able to be [Jennifer’s] support.”

Jennifer, 50, has hovered near the top of the leaderboard since the competition began in September, but received a rather harsh critique from the show’s judges on Monday following her shaky Paso Doble performance with professional partner Derek Hough.

“I felt the [judges’] comments were a little pointed, if you will,” Jamie Lee told Access. “I joined the chorus of booing [in the audience], but I also understand that that’s a little bit the nature of the beast.

“Jennifer weathered [the criticism] beautifully and she is going to be fantastic,” she added. “She is representing women over 50 and killing it and I’m just so proud of her. Thrilled for her!”

For more from ET Online on Bristol and Mark, here they are talking a little about their Vienneze Waltz tonight and how she can’t believe she is still on the show.

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Ok Kids, that is it for now. Here’s to our show tonight. 😉 xx