DWTS 12 – Randall Christensen “Behind The Seams” Of Week 4

Stylist reports on Randall Christensen’s thoughts on Kirstie’s shoe mishap and how she handled it with “expected grace”. She didn’t skip a beat. He also dishes about how he was inspired to do this week’s costumes. More below in a take from the link. I love what he says about Kirstie and how she sketched her necklace-style neckline.

Kendra Wilkinson: Christensen’s team bedazzled a classic pinstripe fabric to execute Wilkinson’s mafia princess fantasy look. “Kendra had worn a fun gangster costume for Halloween, which was the inspiration for her costume this week,” he says. “The fabric was the perfect template to encrust with crystals.”

Kirstie Alley: The actress sketched the turquoise, necklace-style neckline of her shimmering lilac waltz frock on her own neck with lip liner and sent Christensen a photo. “We were actually planning something different, but it turned out to be such a fun collaboration,” he says. Alley also continues to request more fitted looks as dancing tones her frame. “Her waist is looking fantastic,” Christensen says.

Chelsea Kane: The Disney Star’s “Harry Potter”-inspired wizard princess look was among Christensen’s most ambitious designs of the week. Pewter embroidered netting was used to create the bodice while several kinds of fabric were layered to create the textured ruffles of her skirt for a performance that topped the leader board.

Petra Nemcova: The supermodel wore a red and black two-piece charmeuse number created for a classic Paso Doble. “We were going for an understated Carmen look,” Christensen explains. Red and gold stones along the waist and hematite stones on her corset added subtle sparkle. “I really thought the off-the-shoulder ruffles on her top were sexy,” he says.

The guys: Christensen’s favorite male celebrity costume this week was wrestler Chris Jericho’s copper lamé Paso Doble look. “The classic opera jacket in that fabric was the bomb,” he says.

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So, which costumes were your favorites this week? I loved them all, but, I especially loved Petra and Anna’s costumes this time. They were breathtaking to say the least!