Dancing With The Stars Las Vegas Odds For September 5th (Changes From A Week Ago)

A week in rehearsals now, and the Dancing With The Stars Season 13 odds have changed a little from our last report. Elisabetta is still in the top spot, but, Hope Solo has jumped from fourth place to second place. Carson has dipped down from second place to fourth place. Ron and Chynna have fallen too. They still have Ricki placed low which shocks me as well. I think they underestimating David too who is still at 10/1 odds. Here is more from SportsBoDog. How they can figure these bets without seeing them dance yet is beyond me? ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

Elisabetta Canalis 9/2

Hope Solo 5/1

Kristin Cavallari 11/2

Carson Kressley 7/1

Robert Kardashian 15/2

Chynna Phillips 8/1

David Arquette 10/1

J.R. Martinez 10/1

Ricki Lake 10/1

Ron Artest 10/1

Nancy Grace 18/1

Chaz Bono 20/1