DWTS Cheryl Burke On Why People Should Try Ballroom Dancing, Attends Boxing Match

I started dancing at age of 4 and never stopped. Dancing is a way of life for me – a passion, a mission, and a profession. I’ve pursued it without a second thought for more than two decades, enjoying countless hours on dance floors around the world and on “Dancing with the Stars.” ~Cheryl Burke

Dancing With The Stars Cheryl Burke has written a new blog for Mountain View about ballroom dancing and why people should try it. Here are a couple of reasons….

Here’s the first reason that comes to mind: I don’t believe there is any recreational activity with more far-reaching psychological, social or physical benefits.

Few pleasurable pursuits can result in the dramatic changes dance instructors see in their students. Trimming down to a healthier weight is one of the most obvious. But there are many others.

For overly serious personalities or people with stressful jobs, dancing adds balance to their lives. It triggers a sense of humor and playfulness. When you watch any beginning dance class, you are likely to see people smiling and laughing.

You can read more reasons why one should try ballroom dancing at Mountain View. She’s very convincing, isn’t she? They have a cute picture of her there too.

Speaking of Cheryl, she was seen with Jenny McCarthy at a boxing match in L.A. this week. As you might remember, Jenny was critical recently with the producers of Dancing With The Stars and their D-lister “talk the walk or walk the talk” cast selection. Anyway, below is Cheryl pictured at the event. You can view more pictures at Zimbio.