Jerry Springer Doesn’t Want To Subject People To His Dancing Again On DWTS All Star Season

I saw a glimpse of this interview with Jerry Springer the other day when doing up a post on Kym Johnson. I thought to myself that when I get some extra time, I need to go back and watch the full interview. I’m glad I did. Check out Jerry talking about his time with Kym Johnson on Dancing With The Stars. They also discuss whether he’d do the All-Stars season of Dancing With The Stars. He says he will be sitting in the audience waving and he might do something for the show, but, he won’t dance or compete again. He doesn’t think people should be subjected to his dancing again. Lots more at the Morning Blend. He’s too funny. I loved his time on Dancing With The Stars when he showed a whole other side to himself. I’d love it if he returned in some fashion.

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