DWTS Season 15 All Star Season – Rumor: Mario Lopez

As per norm, we won’t know who is going to be cast for Season 15 until late summer / early fall, but with rumors or ideas or speculation running rampant I figured it would be fun to see how they would fare based on the data from the past fourteen seasons.

So what will these graphs show? Well a few things really… I will provide a graph of the celebrity and compare it with the averages of the dances up to that particular season. Then I will provide a second graph that would compare the scores that each celebrity received with the overall average up to the end of Season 14.

Since Mario Lopez came onto the show in Season 3 there isn’t a lot of data to work with, so there are bound to be empty spots. Some of the other celebrities I will also compare and create graphs for would include some of the mentioned from the post that Vogue put up a bit ago.

First let’s look at how he fared for Season 3:

If you notice there are a few blank spots in the prediction line graph. This is mainly because there simply isn’t enough data for that particular dance during that particular time period of the season. So let’s take a look at how he would fare with all the data up to the end of Season 14:

In the first half of the season he would appear to be thrown around for a loop in the scoring department. The judges may praise him for incredibly dance ability, then toss him for a couple of weeks of a reality check before giving him high praise for improvement. Then finally in the second half of the season allow him to have his steady incline of scores.

Now, if you remember back in Season 3, Mario Lopez was more known for his time on Saved By the Bell, so for his “occupation” I placed him as an actor. However as time went on he carved out another career path for himself as host and entertainment news correspondent so the Season 15 chart has his occupation more as a host instead.

It would be interesting to see what he scores would be should he decide to do the show again in Season 15… but we naturally would not know that until sometime in August… so until then onward to Mel B of the Spice Girls.