Joe Jonas, Rob Kardashian, And Ali Fedotowsky Asked About Dancing On Dancing With The Stars

This past weekend, Extra caught up with Joe Jonas, Rob Kardashian, and Ali Fedotowsky on the Red Carpet at the 2012 Miss USA Competition. When asked, Joe and Ali said they may do Dancing With The Stars in the future. It would depend on “scheduling” for Joe. Ali said she’d need some “liquid encouragement”. Extra also asked Rob if he’d come back for the Dancing With The Stars All-Star season. He said it “sounds fun”, it’s “a lot of hard work”, and he has “no idea”. Kelly Osbourne was interviewed too, but, they didn’t ask her about Dancing With The Stars.

So, what do you think about Rob returning for the All-Stars Season if he was asked to do it? I liked him. I think he’d be fun to see dance again.

As for Ali and Joe, bring them on for Dancing With The Stars Season 16. They’d be fun.