Kurt Warner Shuts Down The Idea Of Coming Back For Dancing With The Stars All-Stars

Sorry, it’s a “no” from Kurt Warner for the Dancing With The Stars All-Star Season. Although the experience was a great one, the time required to put into it would be hard on him. Below is more in a take from Ology.com.

Sorry, football fans. There will be no such talk about that with Kurt Warner over here. Instead, when I got the chance to talk with Warner during the USA Network Upfronts I asked him what so many Dancing with the Stars fans would want to know: Will he be making a return to the ABC series for the upcoming All-Star season? With an extremely adorable and kind grin, he–well, he shut us down folks.

“A lot of people tweeted about that to me a while ago. Is it really happening? They are doing one?” he asked excitedly. Yep, they are! Though happy to hear that old contestants will be hitting the dance floor again, he did what we were hoping he wouldn’t! He shrugged those (big) shoulders of his and disappointingly withdrew his name from consideration.

“I don’t think so,” he said. It was a “great experience” but working 7-8 hours a day was definitely a killer for the NFL quarterback and MVP.

You can read more on Kurt and his current projects at Ology.com.