Misty May-Treanor Speaks Again About Dancing With The Stars Season 15

The Olympics are just around the corner and Misty May-Treaner is excited to travel to London and participate. She speaks all about it in a new interview with ESPN. Misty not only discusses the Olympics, she talks about wanting to dance again in the Dancing With The Stars All-star Season. Here is more….

Tell me about your wish to get back onto “Dancing With the Stars” with your post on Facebook.

Well it’s funny. The post kind of grew legs of its own. I wasn’t pleading for them to invite me back and I am not on my knees asking them, but I do know that they have an all-star cast where fans can vote to bring people back on the show. All I did was post four points on Facebook saying why I want to go back on. The first point was that I want to finish what I started. The second was that I never got voted off. The third was I want to dance for my husband because when his season finally ended and he was able to actually watch me dance live for the first time, I had gotten injured that Saturday before. And finally, I want to perform for my fans because I like interacting with people and when people have fun watching me do something it puts a smile on their face — that’s what I like to do. So hopefully they invite me back but you never know. I am glad I had the opportunity when I did and I hope the opportunity comes around again to let me finish.”