Shawn Johnson Doesn’t Think She Could Do Dancing With The Stars Again

The Post Game interviewed Shawn Johnson about her future plans after announcing she’s retiring from Olympic competition. Since then, we’ve been speculating on whether she will do the All-star Season of Dancing With The Stars this Fall. Here is what she said about it and be sure you read the link for more.

Four years ago, Shawn Johnson came away from the Beijing Olympics with one gold and three silver medals. She added a Mirrorball to her trophy cabinet after winning “Dancing with the Stars.” What’s next? Well, if you combine the international travel of the Olympics with reality-TV competition, there’s one show that sounds perfect for her:

“The Amazing Race.”

But Johnson is stumped on who to take with her for those capers around the world.

“Oh gosh, I don’t know,” she says. “Probably just one of my friend … or another athlete. ‘Dancing With The Stars’ was a really challenging thing. I don’t think I could do another one, but I am a pretty big fan of ‘Amazing Race.’ I think that would be pretty cool.”

Looks like this might be a “No”. Let us know what you think?