Joey Fatone Not Sure He’d Want To Dance Again On Dancing With The Stars

The Examiner has a great piece up on former Dancing With The Stars contestant Joey Fatone. They ask him about the possibility of returning for the Dancing With The Stars All Star season. Below is what he said about it. Note how he said he hasn’t got “the call” yet and also note how he’s in the process of moving to Los Angeles. Hmmm?

While Fatone is grateful for his varied career opportunities, he said that “Dancing with the Stars” was one of his greatest experiences, as it took him out of the element of what he was used to. When asked if there was any chance of him returning for the show’s star-studded 15th season, which will mix up the format a bit by bringing back past contestants for a chance to win the coveted Mirror Ball trophy, Fatone said he wasn’t sure just yet if that was something he wanted to do.

“I don’t really have to redeem myself, as I came in second place,” he explained. “But maybe for the fun of it. I haven’t gotten a call though [inviting him back], but I should know soon enough.”

For now, Fatone is just hoping to spend some more time with his family as he makes the move from Florida to L.A. Whether or not he’ll extend his contact with “Dancing with the Stars: Live in Las Vegas” should the show be extended again remains to be seen, but, as Fatone noted, with 14 seasons of the hit ABC series already wrapped, there are plenty of celebrities to fill his spot should he decide to leave the Vegas production before it ends.

You can read more of this cool interview here.

So, what do you think? Would you like to see Joey come back for the Dancing With The Stars All Star season?

I always liked Joey. I loved NSync too!! I wouldn’t mind seeing him dance again. Remember this? He was quite faster on his feet than I first thought he would be.