Maria Menounos Dancing With Derek Hough In New DWTS All Star Season?

Thanks to PureDWTS reader Nathan for letting us know on this tweet!!! As he and Court notified us on this in the night (Thanks Court to you as well!), “it appears as though Maria has let something rather significant slip” or is this just “too convenient”? Like Court also said, “Would she (Maria) really let the cat out of the bag just days before the announcement? But then again, David Arquette did it, & it ended up being true.” OR could their reunion have something to do with a new Docuseries Maria just landed a part in which you can read about HERE (thanks to Lori for this news!)? More speculation and details in the comments section including Miss Heidi’s and John’s thoughts.

This is getting that more interesting, isn’t it?!! Two more days and counting until the cast announcement, Guys! 😀

My opinion: I like Maria, but, I’m not really wanting a repeat from last season. I’d like to see Derek dance with someone else. Penny for your thoughts?