Dina Lohan Tells Mario Lopez She’d Like To Dance on Dancing With The Stars

During a new interview with Mario Lopez of Extra, Dina Lohan tells him she’d like to dance on Dancing With The Stars. She also tells Mario who she’d like to dance with. Wanna guess?? ……brace yourselves…..MAKS!! Regardless of how strict Maks is, that’s what she likes. For the part on Dancing With The Stars and Maks, see the 1:40 mark…

This isn’t the first season Dina has said she’d like to dance. She was overheard saying the same in Season 13 and it was said she was also in talks with producers.

So, what do you think if this were to happen this time? If I can’t have Lindsay, I’d take Dina and watching her dance with Maks would be fun I think.