PureDWTS 2013 Exclusive Interview With Dancer Sharna Burgess, Breathtaking Photos To Go With

Dancer Sharna Burgess gave us an exclusive interview where she talks all about her break during the off season of Dancing With The Stars. She spent some lovely time with family, friends, and her boyfriend Paul Kirkland as you will soon see. Sharna also saw some movies that she gives some reviews on (Sharna, I also loved “Life Of Pi”. It gets my vote for best movie of 2012! “WOW” is right!). As always, a dancer never rests as Sharna had some other projects she worked on and she’s been dreaming about new choreography and more for Dancing With The Stars. Keep your fingers crossed as Sharna is hoping to hear word soon on whether or not she will be a pro this season. Sharna was also gracious enough to send us lots of incredible and breathtaking pictures too over her break. You can click on them to get the full size. They’d make beautiful Desk tops for your computer. THANK YOU SO MUCH SHARNA and I, for one, will be keeping my fingers crossed!!!!

1. Hi Sharna!!! How are you and how has your break been from the show? Did you get lots of rest and do some fun things, see any movies, etc? How are your fur babies? When do you come back to the States??


Hi!! Im great, it has been a whirl wind since our DWTS finale but i am loving it! I was blessed to have my man Paul Kirkland, come to Australia with me and spend christmas and New Years with my family and friends. We toured the great ocean road together which was to die for. If any of you make it out to Australia please do it, it totally took my breath away. We also spent a lot of time water skiing and wake boarding. Australia was SO hot that you could seriously only be in the water.


We watched a bunch of movies over the break, i loved Pitch Perfect, Life of Pi (WOW!!!) and The Guardians. Actually i recently watched Silver Linings with Peta Murgatroyd and wow, what an incredible film, its dark, but in the most beautiful way. I understand why its cleaning up the awards! I really cant wait to see Hansel and Gretel too!


Our beautiful fur baby was more than happy to see her mum and dad when we finally returned. We were gone for all up about 5 weeks. When we walked in the door she kind of just stared at us for a second, almost as if to say “oh so you decided to come back? where have you been!!” I really missed her.


I was back in LA for Australia Day and met up with some great friends of mine and celebrated, such a fun day and truly a great excuse to drink 😉 and I’m now planning a big Super Bowl BBQ and party for sunday. Before we know it the season will start and its back to crazy schedules so im enjoying the last bit of time off.

2. Have you been working on any dancing projects during the off season?

I have been! Straight after our finale i was on the red eye to NY to shoot an AOL commercial. I was the centre point of 3 girls and we were nick named “fembots”. We were meant to be that extraordinary unknown positive force that bought joy and light to people through dance. OMG the costume was just incredible, i felt like the girl out of Underworld! In saying that head to toe PVC and dancing under hot stage lights certainly has its downfalls!! I have never (un sexy moment alert) sweat so much in my life!! What a wonderful experience though, i was there working with Maks Chmerkovskiy on the commercial, the girls were styled by June Ambrose and had some serious make up going on! The team at AOL were so welcoming and totally in love with what we did. I cant wait until its released and see how it came out.



Im always working on something, either in a studio or in my lounge room with Paul. Choreography never stops in our house. I have a lot of ideas that i’m waiting for the right moment to use.

3. Have you been missing Dancing With The Stars and what (if anything) have you heard about the new season?

I havent heard anything which is crazy! I thought we would have so many more rumors going around about who is in!! Im super excited to hear the cast announcement!!


Totally missing DWTS and all my family there!! Though i have been dancing and working there is nothing like being in that ballroom with the live audience. I always miss that.

4. Do you know if you will be back to dance as a troupe member or a pro?

I dont know and its totally killing me!! Of course i would love to be Pro, thats the goal. I think in my 3 seasons ive shown my talent and and skill, and im hoping America wants to see more of it. Its tough to get across your personality to the audience because the troupe don’t do packages. For many dancers what you come across as on the dance floor is like an alter ego, your telling a story and creating a character. So i look forward to having America get to know me when i finally get the chance. But ALL fingers and toes are crossed for this season!!!

5. If you were hired to be a Pro, which celebrities would you like to dance with now or in the future?

OK.. If the sky was the limit and i could have my pick of anybody, it would totally be Hugh Jackman :)) It would be an Aussie pairing which we have never done, he is so talented, he can already dance, a total sweetheart and well…. you know, his kinda gorgeous!!! He is a hands down winner!


I would also love to dance with Josh Hartnett, Victor Cruz, John Stamos or Dean Cain. Thats just a couple of the ones on my list 🙂

6. Have you been dreaming up of some cool group dances to choreograph like you did last season? Any hints of what you’d like to choreograph and to what songs, etc?

Ive definitely been throwing some really cool ideas around. I have to say i love some of the stuff i did last season. Especially the Michael Jackson number where i got to play Annie in Smooth Criminal! My heart totally leapt when i got told about doing the piece, most of us in the dance industry have been inspired by MJ, but as a ballroom dancer we rarely get to use his music. I have done many things in my career but that is certainly up there on my list of favorite moments!


As a choreographer i would love to create something big this season, like a mini Macy’s number where i could have creative freedom and really let loose on my ideas! I also have some super talented people i would love to be focused on for our spotlight segments. And as always im looking forward to being a part of the artist performances that come on the show. Ive been very blessed to have choreographed a lot on the show and put my work with some incredible, talented artists. Its always an honor to share the stage with them.

Cant wait to dance for you all again!!! Love S xx