DWTS Season 16 – William Shatner Figuring Out The Schedules For DWTS?

As you know from a previous posting, Dancing With The Stars host Tom Bergeron has been on a quest to get William Shatner to dance on Dancing With The Stars. Tom told The View ladies last week that he saw William at a recent event and William looked at him strangely when Tom mentioned it. Well, the saga continues. Last night, William Shatner posted this tweet (look below) about “figuring out the schedules for DWTS” which makes one wonder if Tom’s quest is working? Then again, maybe they are just trying to figure out when to have dinner. I also love the mention on Jeri Ryan who, by the way, tweeted “we’re in!” back to William. Wouldn’t she be a great candidate for Dancing With The Stars as well? Tom is communicating with William at his twitter too. Before William tweeted him, Tom extended an invite while taping America’s Funniest Videos. Anyway, what an interesting tweet from William Shatner. Yes, taking things out of context or grasping at straws most likely, but, it’s fun to speculate on and talk about none the less.


Heidi: Odds are good that they’re all just screwing around – I seem to recall a lot of back and forth joking with Tom about Shatner and Jeri being on DWTS. What I find most funny is how Tom is now doing casting. I believe he also tried to get Bill on AFV this past week. 🙂 Really, though, the dude is funny. I would love to see him on DWTS. I came to appreciate him on Boston Legal. 🙂 By the way: pretty sure that Tom could do a better job at casting DWTS than the current crew. 😀