DWTS16 Cast – A Strategic Guess: Wynonna Judd?

Ok Dancettes, what do you make of these two tweets from Wynonna Judd made on February 19th? As you can see, Wynonna Judd has a SECRET….

In this tweet made today (the 20th), Wynonna teases again, but, won’t answer questions on her “secret”;

Also, check out this tweet Wynonna made on Feb 16th. She said she could tell her secret in 8 days which would make it the 24th;

But, then she made this tweet on the 19th retracting saying the date had changed to Feb. 28th. The cast announcement is the 26th as you know, but, maybe she’s confused or trying to cover up the real date?

Whatever the case, this woman has a “SECRET”. Could it be she’s going to dance on Dancing With The Stars? Note that (according to her twitter profile) she’s also in Hollywood currently.

I’m not sure what to think, but, the idea sounds kind of fascinating. ๐Ÿ’ก Let’s see what Heidi thinks….

Heidi: I don’t know what to think. The way she words her tweet I would guess she’s pregnant, but at her age (as she says) I think that’s somewhat less likely than being on DWTS. ย Then you check out her tour calendar and you’ll note that between February 23rd and August she only has ONE date, in late April. That’s a pretty open calendar at just the right time. ย Doubt she’s pregnant because the opening in her schedule is in the wrong place for sure. So….well, why not?? There’s usually one musician and she fits the bill. ย In the absence of any solid rumors to angst over, we can always angst over something that might not even happen. ๐Ÿ˜€