DWTS 16 Cast: Sean Lowe – In or Out?

You guys were probably just as shocked as I was to hear this morning that we were only going to have 11 couples on this season…after hearing 12 couples for quite awhile.  Also shocking to not hear Sean Lowe’s name called as one of the celebs, as he was a name we were hearing quite a bit, and shocking to not hear Peta’s name as a pro, considering that she had been confirmed by @DWTSGossip as being part of this season…and DWTSGossip seemed just as shocked as we were.

So what happened? We’re not sure – some are guessing that the deal fell through at the last minute, others are surmising that Sean IS part of the cast, but they are going to wait to reveal him until after The Bachelor finale.  In the absence of anything official, we can only speculate.  Reality Steve, who has a pretty damn good track record of predicting Bachelor-related stuff, assures us that Sean IS part of the cast:


ETA1: Reality Steve goes into more detail in his most recent Bachelor blog – and I daresay, someone with a spoiler history as credible as his would not just be making claims like this willy-nilly.  I’m starting to believe that we may get a “surprise” 12th couple sometime in the next few weeks…

ETA2: In her OTRC interview, Lisa comments on how it’s “an honor to be one of the 12 chosen” to be on the show.  There were only 11 celebs announced this morning 🙂 Thanks to Grant for the heads-up on this one!

ETA3: Peta tweets that she has a “big day today!” and that it’s “time to play” – which makes me wonder if she’s either a) meeting Sean for the first time, or b) starting to rehearse with Sean.  And OMG! Insider (totally dumb name for a show, BTW) jumps on the “mystery 12th contestant” bandwagon in a video that Vogue just postedNow I’m really starting to believe that Sean’s the 12th contestant, and that ABC maybe just can’t mention it outright for contractual reasons…but they are hinting at it in a not-so-subtle way. 

ETA4: @KrissmissHampton was in the live audience at the announcement yesterday and was kind enough to tweet me and tell me that, after the cameras stopped rolling, they were told that “a 12th couple would be announced at a later date”.  Thanks Kristina! 😀 I’m wondering if they were initially going to announce it on the air, but ran out of time…things seemed to get a little rushed at the end.  Heidi also dug up some more evidence confirming the “12th couple” theory, courtesy of US Magazine.  So there is, indeed, a 12th couple – but is it safe to assume that it’s Sean & Peta?

I’m inclined to believe Reality Steve, but at the same time, if ABC had a 12th couple up their sleeve, I would think they would at least tease it during the announcement this morning: “Stay tuned in the coming days, because there is still a surprise 12th couple, yet to be revealed!” Peta has not said a word on Twitter this morning, nor has Sean (although I doubt he would), and neither one is following each other – could be a precaution so as not to reveal anything, could be that they really aren’t on the show.  What do you guys think?

In the meantime, we will keep our eyes peeled and update this post with anything official we hear.  Random…anyone else think Sean kinda looks like Macklemore?

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